Underground Basement
Underground Basement
Hack Luigi's Mansion 64
Stars Required 35
Levels Star 1
Number of Stars 1
Music Used Super Mario Bros - Underground
Stage or HUB Level is located in Basement

Underground Basement is a secret course in Luigi's Mansion 64. In order to access the course, Luigi must drain the water in the moat of King Boo's Mansion by pounding one certain pillar in the basement. After doing so, the player will open the door in the basement that will warp him to the course.

When Luigi first enters the course, he will be atop a large slide, with several ledges located scattered throughout. Upon entering, Luigi will also be transparent, though it won't be of much use on the slide. At the bottom of the slide is a path consisting of various moving and teetering platforms. There are several Fly Guys on the path, as well as fire traps, but they aren't a major threat. This is an easy level. Unlike the original game, Luigi can lose life if he falls.


Star: Underground Red CoinsEdit

There are eight Red Coins in the area. The first four must be gotten on the slide at the start. The Star Marker is inside a cage, so after collecting the final Red Coin, Luigi will have to do a Wing Cap to fly catching the Red Coins and nab the Power Star.

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