Tower of Hope
Hack Super Mario 64: Star Reve
Stars Required Redone: 0
Levels Unknown
Number of Stars SR1: 2

Redone: 3

Stage or HUB Level is located in Mushroom Cliffs
Tower of Hope is the Wing Cap Course of  Super Mario 64: Star Revenge and its remake. In Star Revenge Redone, The level is accessed by a warp in Mushroom Cliffs indicated by a mushroom texture. The level features a tall tower with many platforms off the side of the tower, and Mario starts at the bottom of the tower. The Wing Cap Switch is located in a warp in the starting room, which is on top of a mound in the corner. The player must use the Wing Cap to climb to the top of the tower.


Star 1: Going Up the TowerEdit

For this star Mario must climb to the top of the tower, using the various platforms, Wing Cap blocks and cannons located around the level, while avoiding Kuromames and Fly Guys. Mario can use the flight power of the Wing Cap to avoid having to perform jumps up the side of the tower. Once Mario reaches the cannon he must blast forward then turn around and land on a platform to the right of the cannon. 

At the top of the tower the star is located in a box in the middle, guarded by a Chuckya. There are also holes which, if Mario falls into, will instantly kill Mario.

Star 2: A Way to the RoofEdit

To reach this star Mario must reach the same area as Star 1 is located, but must climb further still, to reach the roof of the tower. The path up to the roof is located behind bars, so Mario must fly around to behind these bars and make his way up the platforms located here. At the top the star is located in an inset in the roof.

Star 3: 8 Green Poisoned Coins (Redone only)Edit

8 Green Coins are hidden within the tower, and the room is accessed by going through the invisible wall that displays 'BroDute'. Once inside Mario must drop down into the room and collect 8 coins dispersed among the pillars. 

This is a difficult mission due to the threat of death, as falling will instantly kill Mario. A Wing Cap Block is located at the bottom of the ramp, and the star appears at the top of the ramp.


  • Goomba
  • Fly Guy
  • Kuromame
  • Chuckya

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