Thwomp Swamp
Thwomp Swamp
Creator Progamer Bob
Number of Stars 7
Created October 2015
Level Information
Number of Levels 1
Number of Secret Levels 1
Download Link

Thwomp Swamp (original title: Twhomp Sumpf) is a mini-hack made by Progamer Bob. It contains one level with seven stars, and a pipe to Tower of the Wing Cap, which only contains the Vanish Cap Switch. The hack was released in German only.

This hack, though short does a few unique things, particularly with the UI. The camera pans smoothly, and can zoom out much father than normal. The HUD (lives, coins, stars, and camera) is hidden by default, and displayed by pressing L, similar to V2.1 of The Green Stars.

Levels Edit

Name Stars Notes
Twhomp Sumpf 7
Tower of the Wing Cap 0 Though named after the Wing Cap, this stage only contains the Vanish Cap Switch.

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