The Moon
The Moon
Hack SM64 Last Impact
Stars Required 45
Number of Stars 0
Music Used SM64: Last Impact OST - The Villain Appears (SMG - Bowser Message N64 Remix)

The Moon is the third and last overworld of SM64 Last Impact and contains the levels 11 - 15 as well as the Luna Park and the secret Cut Out Content level. The moon is entered by a rocket in the Shadow Factory.


Secret Level 1: Luna ParkEdit

After entering the moon, head to the right and enter a pink train. Entering this train will bring Mario to the Luna Park that contains 2 stars: One star you can get from collecting 8 red coins in the level. The other one Mario can get by playing a minigame with Yoshi.

Secret Level 2: Cut Out ContentEdit

The secret "Cut Out Content" level is accesible by an invisible pipe behind the fence. Go trough the hole in the fence near Colossal Circuits and do a walljump onto a post. Mario will glitch trough the monster that leads to Big Beast's Belly and find an invisible pipe behind the casino.

Last Impact "Cut Out Content" entrance (No BLJ or moonjump)00:32

Last Impact "Cut Out Content" entrance (No BLJ or moonjump)

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