Super Mario and the Marvel Adventure
Creator Kampel125
Number of Stars 50
Created 2016
Level Information
Number of Levels 11
Number of Secret Levels 6
Download Link

Super Mario and the Marvel Adventure is a minor ROM hack that features 50 stars to collect, spread out in 15 new worlds.



Levels Edit

Name of Level Number of Stars Available Stars Required Notes
Cloudy Cap Switch Island 1
Course 1: Sunset Shore 7 0
Course 2: Dusty Desert 7 0
Course 3: Frostburn Cavern 7 5
Course 4: Haunted Forest 7 10
Course 5: Rugged Moonbase 7 20
Floating Lava Spire 3 25
Race in the Sky
The Fire Burrow
The Forest Den
Riddle in the Dark
Bowser's Castle in the Sky Final Boss of the game.

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