Super Mario Sunshine DS
Creator Fiachra
Number of Stars TBA
Created Not Released Yet
Level Information
Number of Levels TBA
Number of Secret Levels TBA
Download Link Demo 1:

Demo 2:

Super Mario Sunshine DS is a romhack of SM64DS. On May of 2017, Fiachra announced that the hack was on hiatus for an undetermined period of time.


Name Image Map
Bianco Hills
Bianco Hills1
Pianta Village (Day)
Pianta Village1
Pianta Village (Night)
Pianta Village3
Gelato Beach
Gelato Beach5
Gelato Beach Map
Noki Bay
Noki Bay5
Noki Bay Map
Sirena Beach
Sirena Beach1
Sirena Beach and Hotel Delfino Map
Hotel Delfino
Hotel Delfino1
Sirena Beach and Hotel Delfino Map
Delfino Plaza
Delfino Plaza1
Delfino Plaza Map
Ricco Harbour
Ricco Harbour1
Ricco Harbour Map
Pinna Park
Pinna Park1
Pinna Park Map
Ricco Harbour Sewers
Ricco Harbour Sewers
Ricco Harbour Sewers Map
Casino Upper
Casino Upper
Casino Upper Map
Casino Lower
Casino Lower
Casino Lower Map
Hillside Cave
Hillside Cave
Hillside Cave Map
Delfino Airstrip
Delfino Airstrip
Delfino Airstrip Map
Pachinko Game
Pachinko Game
Pachinko Game Map
Rainbow Tunnel
Rainbow Tunnel
Rainbow Tunnel Map

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