Main CoursesEdit

Course 1Edit

Course 2Edit

Course 3Edit

Course 4Edit

Course 5Edit

Course 6Edit

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Course 7Edit

Course 8Edit

Course 9Edit

Course 10Edit

Course 11Edit

Course 12Edit

Course 13Edit

Course 14Edit

Course 15Edit

Side LevelsEdit

Mushroom Mountain TownEdit

Sandy Slide SecretEdit

TBA Sky Fortress LevelEdit


Creepy Coast CaveEdit

Puzzling PassageEdit

TBA Mario LevelEdit

Frosty FairEdit

TBA Wario LevelEdit

Windy Waterway Edit

Bowser's Slippery SwampEdit

Bowser's Retro Remix CastleEdit

Bowser's Rainbow RumbleEdit

Hidden Palace FinaleEdit


0 Live AreaEdit

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