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Super Mario Star Road DS
Creator Skelux Core
Number of Stars Over 150
Created 2017
Level Information
Number of Levels 15
Number of Secret Levels TBA
Download Link Not Released Yet

Super Mario Star Road DS is the upcoming version of Super Mario Star Road for the DS.

This game is still in development but you can follow the project here .  This game is being made by Skelux, the creator of the original game. The game is currently around 75% complete in making.

Skelux says the game will be 100% completed in 2017.

You can find a complete gallery with pictures here.

Previews can be found here


Main LevelsEdit

Name Completed? Stars Required Stars Image Map
Bob-omb Islands Yes 8 TBA
Bobomb islands
Bobomb islands tough screen
Sky Land Resort Yes 8 TBA TBA TBA
Piranha Plant Pond ? 8 TBA TBA TBA
Chuckya Harbor ? 8 TBA TBA TBA
Gloomy Garden Yes 8 TBA TBA TBA
Colorful Coral Caverns Yes 8 TBA TBA TBA
Koopa Canyon Yes 8 TBA
Koopa Canyon
Koopa Canyon tough screen
Large Leaf Forest Yes 8 TBA
Mad Musical Mess Yes 8 TBA
Musical mess
Musical tough screen
Melting Snow Peaks ? 8 TBA TBA TBA
Colossal Candy Clutter ? 8 TBA TBA TBA
Cloudrail Station Yes 8 TBA
Station tough screen
Fatal Flame Falls ? 8 TBA TBA TBA
Bob-omb Battle Factory ? 8 TBA TBA TBA
Starlight Runway Yes 8
Ext starlight

Sub LevelsEdit

Name Completed? Stars Requirred Stars Image Map
Mushroom Mountain Town Yes 2 TBA
Mmt tough screen
Sandy Slide Secret Yes 2 TBA
Sandy slide
TBA Sky Fortress Level Yes 2 TBA
TBA new level
TBA Lighthouse Level Yes 2 TBA
Creepy Coast Cave Yes 1 TBA
Puzzling Passage Yes 1 TBA TBA TBA
TBA Mario Level ? 2 TBA TBA TBA
Frosty Fair Yes 2 TBA
Frosty fair
Frosty fair tough screen
TBA Wario Level ? 2 TBA TBA TBA
Windy Wing Cap Well Yes 2 TBA
Wing cap level
Wing cap level tough screen
Bowser's Slippery Swamp Yes 2 TBA TBA TBA
Bowser's Retro Remix Castle Yes 2 TBA TBA TBA
Bowser's Rainbow Rumble Yes 2 TBA TBA TBA
Hidden Palace Finale ? 1 TBA TBA TBA

Other Area's in levelsEdit

Name In Level: Completed? Image Map
Cave Large Leaf Forest Yes
Clone Chamber Starlight Runway Yes
Int starlight
TBA Mario Boss Arena TBA Mario Level ? TBA TBA
Chilly Chomp Area Frosty Fair Yes
Chilly Chomp Level
Chilly Chomp Level tough screen
TBA Wario Boss Arena TBA Wario Level ? TBA TBA
TBA Bowser Boss Arena 1 Bowser's Slippery Swamp Yes TBA TBA
Blueberry Bully Arena Bowser's Retro Remix Castle Yes TBA TBA
TBA Final Bowser Boss Arena Bowser's Rainbow Rumble Yes TBA TBA

Other LevelsEdit

Name Completed? Stars Requirred Stars Image Map
0 Live Area Yes 0 0
Death world

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