Super Mario Star Road
Creator Skelux
Number of Stars 130
Created Christmas 2011
Level Information
Number of Levels 15
Number of Secret Levels 9
Download Link

Super Mario Star Road is a ROM hack made by Skelux. It was released around Christmas 2011, and contains 130 Stars. This ROM hack is considered to be the most famous. It contains levels with similar design to the original as well as very solid and fun level design.

This hack tries to be a sequel, or another version, of the original, in terms of level design, difficulty, and plot. Not only are all the levels redone using custom graphics (some of which directly come from other Nintendo 64 Games), but also includes custom music and even custom enemies. The level entrances range from simple pipes or good old paintings, to a vase or easel. In addition, the boss fights have been changed. Bowser himself is only fought once in the game. In the first two Bowser levels, Mario must defeat a mini boss in order to obtain the key to the next area. The 3rd and final Bowser level is when you fight Bowser himself.

Plot Edit

The plot of the game is told by Yoshi, who informs Mario that Bowser has found the secret to get to the Star Road, the kingdom of the Star Spirits. Using the power of the power stars, he is able to transport his troops all over the Mushroom Kingdom to wreak havoc. In order to reach the star road, Mario must collect enough power stars to break the seal (of the cannon). Once Mario reaches the star road, he finds Bowser in his sky base. Our plumber then defeats Bowser, and is transported to the first overworld where he is rewarded with another star and a thank you from Peach.

Upon collecting 121 stars (including the one you get after beating the final Bowser, and the one at the peak of Hidden Palace Finale), nine Star Replicas will appear in every secret level in the game, making a total of 130 stars.


Name Replaced Coins Stars Required Stars Image
Bob-omb Islands Bob-omb Battlefield 147 7 0
Sky Land Resort Whomp's Fortress 156 7 0
Piranha Plant Pond Jolly Roger Bay


7 0
Chuckya Harbor Cool, Cool Mountain 203 7 8
Gloomy Garden Big Boo's Haunt 154
7 8
Colorful Coral Caverns Hazy Maze Cave 137 7 20
Koopa Canyon Lethal Lava Land 150 7 30
Large Leaf Forest Shifting Sand Land 132 7 20
Mad Musical Mess Dire, Dire Docks 154 7 30
Melting Snow Peaks Snowman's Land 184 7 20
Colossal Candy Clutter Wet-Dry World 211 7 40
Cloudrail Station Tall, Tall Mountain 205 7 40
Fatal Flame Falls Tiny-Huge Island 152 7 40
Bob-omb Battle Factory Tick Tock Clock 165 7 65
Starlight Runway Rainbow Ride 169 7 65

Secret LevelsEdit

Note: All these levels have one star replica that can be collected after 121 stars.

Name Replaced Stars Required Stars Image
Mushroom Mountain Town The Princess's Secret Slide 3 0
Creepy Cap Cave Cavern of the Metal Cap 2 8
Puzzle of the Vanish Cap Vanish Cap Under the Moat 2 8
Sandy Slide Secret The Secret Aquarium 3* 20
Windy Wing Cap Well Tower of the Wing Cap 2 40
Hidden Palace Finale Wing Mario Over the Rainbow 2 120

Castle AreasEdit




Required Stars


Star Leap Tower Grounds Castle Grounds 2 0
Star Leap Tower Interior Castle Courtyard 0 20
Flowpipe Sewers Basement 1 20
Star Leap Tower First Floor - 0 40
Star Road Castle Interior 1 65
Star Leap Tower Grounds (Night) - 1 80
Observation Tower - 0 40

Bowser LevelsEdit




Stars required


Bowser's Slippery Swamp Bowser in the Dark World Pernicious Piranha Plants 20
Bowser's Retro Remix Castle Bowser in the Fire Sea Blueberry Bully 40
Bowser's Rainbow Rumble Bowser in the Sky Bowser 80

Other LevelsEdit

Name Replaced Stars Image

0 Live Area

Game Over Screen




Used in Song Title Source
File Select Space Junk Galaxy Super Mario Galaxy
Star Select World Map Super Mario RPG
Bob-omb Islands Green Garden Bomberman 64
Boss Battles Boss Battle Super Mario Sunshine
Sky Land Resort Nimbus Land Super Mario RPG
Piranha Plant Pond Forest Maze
Mushroom Mountain Town Outset Island The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker
Race with Koopa the Quick Luigi Circuit Mario Kart: Double Dash
Chuckya Harbor In a Snow Bound Land Donkey Kong Country 2
Gloomy Garden Waltz of the Boos Super Mario Galaxy
Creepy Cap Cave Koopaseum Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
Puzzle of the Vanish Cap The Engine Room Space Station Silicon Valley
Bowser's Slippery Swamp Bayou Boogie Donkey Kong Country 2
Slippery Swamp Boss Parasite Queen Battle Metroid Prime
Castle Interior Comet Observatory Super Mario Galaxy
Sandy Slide Secret Desert Hills Mario Kart DS
Colorful Coral Caverns Rainbow Resort Kirby's Adventure
Koopa Canyon Dry Dry Desert Paper Mario
Large Leaf Forest Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Mad Musical Mess Band Land Rayman
Melting Snow Peaks Ice Mountain Zone Act 1 Sonic Advance
Retro Remix Castle Castle Super Mario World
Retro Remix Castle Boss Boss Battle Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
Colossal Candy Clutter Toy Land Chameleon Twist 2
Cloudrail Station Honeybloom Galaxy Super Mario Galaxy 2
Fatal Flame Falls Bowser's Magma Mountain Mario Party
Windy Wing Cap Well Windy Valley Zone Sonic Adventure
Star Road Gateway Galaxy Super Mario Galaxy
Bob-omb Battle Factory Battlerock Galaxy
Starlight Runway Buoy Base Galaxy
Bowser's Rainbow Rumble X-Naut Fortress Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Final Battle Dark Castle Kirby's Dream Land 2
Castle Grounds (Night) Star Festival Super Mario Galaxy
Hidden Palace Finale The Overthere Stair Super Paper Mario
Castle Grounds (130 Stars) Starship Mario 3 Super Mario Galaxy 2
Wing Cap/Koopa Shell Let's Go Lightly! Mario Party
Metal Cap Metal Mario Super Smash Bros.
Vanish Cap Chase the Bunny Super Mario Galaxy
Game Over Sadness Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Trivia Edit

  • Upon losing all of your lives, Mario will end up in The 0 Live Area with 0 Stars. This level is contained in the Metal Cap course, in a separate area.
  • In some of the later updated versions of Star Road, if the player holds the L-button when selecting a file they will toggle on "hard mode", which makes any damage fatal to Mario. Swimming underwater is not affected by this.
  • In the Blueberry Bully arena, Mario can damage boost off the lava to reach a spiral-shaped tall platform where he can find a green shell. He can then use this shell to navigate around the area, and discover a mysterious zone below the platforms. By jumping into the lava pit you have to throw the bully in, the plumber can enter one of three door-shaped holes in the wall, which are all connected, and lead to a hole in the center of the map. Falling in the hole will trigger the "secret warp" transition, but will just kill Mario and send him back to before the boss.
  • In Bob-omb Battle Factory, there is a locked door with a sign next to it that tells the player that the door it leads to is found in Gloomy Garden. Looking at the game's item list has revealed the door to be a fake door, and that there was no door to be found in Gloomy Garden either.
  • Dragon Coins, which can be found in almost all levels, were intended to be collected to spawn a star: in the game's code, they have a red coin behavior, but it is broken in game and only gives Mario two coins.
  • There are two other hacks based on this game - Super Mario Star Road Multiplayer by Skelux, and Super Luigi Star Road by Quasmok.
  • There is a DS remake currently being developed, Super Mario Star World. It is said to be finished in early 2018, and is going to have a huge amount of new content compared to Star Road.

Easter EggsEdit

Notes Edit

  1. Maximum that can be collected in one go.