Super Mario Rainbow Road
Creator Skillux
Number of Stars 54 (60 in the "Plus" version)
Created October 2012
Level Information
Number of Levels 7
Number of Secret Levels 5
Download Link

Super Mario Rainbow Road is a hack made by Skillux. It contains 54 Stars, or 60 in the Super Mario Rainbow Road Plus version.


Name of level Level(s) replaced Stars required Notes
Castle Grounds Castle Grounds 0
Sunny Island Bob-omb Battlefield 0
Floating Fortress Whomp's Fortress 0
Creepy Forest Mansion Jolly Roger Bay 0
Freezy Peaks Cool, Cool Mountain 0
Toxic Factory Big Boo's Haunt 0
Bowser's Fiery Fortress Bowser in the Dark World 20
Castle Interior Castle Courtyard 20
Chilly Harbour Hazy Maze Cave 20
Swampy Forest Lethal Lava Land 20
Windy Garden Tower of the Wing Cap 0
Fiery Volcano Cavern of the Metal Cap 0
Creepy Mansion Vanish Cap Under the Moat 0
Bowser's Galaxy Palace (Part 1) Bowser in the Sky 54 This is the second and final Bowser battle of this game. This level has no Stars. In order to enter the final star door to reach this level, Mario must have obtained all 54 stars.
Bowser's Galaxy Palace (Part 2) Wing Mario Over the Rainbow 54 This level is actually the entrance to Bowser's castle. This level has no Stars.
Bowser's Galaxy Palace (Part 3) The Princess's Secret Slide 54 This level is actually the interior of Bowser's castle. This level has no Stars.
Ending Sequence The Secret Aquarium 54 This level is where the last Star is located. Upon collecting it, you will then return to the same spot where your game began.


  • Upon losing all of your lives, the game will freeze at a black screen.

Music Edit

Name of Sequence Game(s) with this Sequence Used in
Starship Mario Super Mario Galaxy 2 File Select Screen
Green Garden Bomberman 64 Sunny Island
Windy Valley Zone Sonic Adventure Floating Fortress
Beware the Forest's Mushrooms Super Mario RPG Creepy Forest Mansion
Freezeezy Peak Banjo Kazooie Freezy Peaks
Frantic Factory Donkey Kong 64 Toxic Factory
Dire Dire Docks Super Mario 64 Chily Harbour
Beware the Forest's Mushrooms Super Mario RPG Swampy Forest
Bowser Junior's Fiery Flotilla Super Mario Galaxy 2 Bowser's Fiery Fortress
Koopa's Road Super Mario 64 Bowser's Galaxy Palace
Boss Battle Super Mario 64 Boss Battle
Bowser's Theme Super Mario 64 Bowser Battle
Main Theme Skyrim Final Bowser Battle
Windy Valley Zone Sonic Adventure Windy Garden
Main Theme Luigi's Mansion Creepy Mansion
Melty Molten Galaxy Super Mario Galaxy Fiery Vulcano
Windy Valley Zone Sonic Adventure Wing Cap Theme
Vanish Cap Theme
Metal Cap Theme Super Mario 64 Metal Cap Theme
Skyloft The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Overworld 1
Starship Mario Super Mario Galaxy 2 Overworld 1 after 60 stars
Comet Observatory Super Mario Galaxy Overworld 2

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