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Super Mario 65 The Rainbow Stars is a major hack made by Skelenio. This hack will feature a remodeled Mario model to make him look more like his SM64DS counterpart. There are 165 stars in this hack, and is considered a direct sequel to SM64. Also, the levels were not made by Skelenio, rather, stolen from other Super Mario 64 ROMhackers and put in this hack without permission, with the exception of Course 15, which was ripped from a Mario Kart game.


2 years after Mario's adventure in Peach's castle. Bowser had open the Legendary castle of the stars that has been locked up for 1000 years and once again captured peach and took her deep inside the castle. It's up to Mario to recover the rainbow stars. and save peach from bowser.

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The first five courses are accessible through the first overworld, as well as the Tanooki cap switch course (wing cap). The second course has a secret level, course 1 has the entrance to Course 15. The first Bowser course requires 30 stars. The second overworld has at least 1 secret star from a toad, and contains at least 1 secret course; however, it requires 50 stars to reach, because the switch to unblock the pipe is in the room with the entrance to Bowser's Factory.