Super Mario 65 The Rainbow Stars is a major hack made by Skelenio. This hack will feature a remodeled Mario model to make him look more like his SM64DS counterpart. There are 164 stars in this hack, and is considered a direct sequel to SM64.

Plot Edit

2 years After the defeat in Super Mario 64, Bowser decides to travel other kingdoms, not only stay in the Mushroom Kingdom, then in one of his many trips finds the "Rainbow Starship", an ancient place where you could see from the sky a rainbow star, Mario is warned of what happens, Bowser and his henchmen open the Castle of the stars, a place where they have control of the stars of Rainbow but to open the worlds need the soul of a princess, then capture Peach. Remember that "Rainbow Starship", is just to see the stars, and "Castle of the Stars" is to get the stars, so Mario is interrupted at home, with the message that Peach has been captured.

Bowser did not expect Mario to come to "The Castle of the Stars", so he sets a trap for Mario after opening the second door of the castle of the stars, the trap is to seal Mario for 7 years since Bowser captured Peach (CandyLand) and everything they read in part one of the story, Bowser has been left with absolute power and now has been locked in the "Dark World", along with Peach, a place where all the power of the "Rainbow Stars" is scattered but the only way to get there opening the Rainbow StarShip, but Mario will first need some energy to go to Rainbow Starship, beat Bowser to get Peach and return 7 years in the past.

Levels Edit

Name Replaced Stars Location -


Bob-Omb's Grassfield Bob-omb Battlefield 7 From the Overworld
Course1 SM65
Freeze Polar Land Whomp's Fortress 7 From the Overworld
Course2 SM65
Piranha Swamp-Mushroom Jolly Roger Bay 7 From the Overworld
Course3 SM65
Sand-Valley Highway Cool, Cool Mountain 7 From the Overworld
Course4 SM65
Creppy Boo's Church Big Boo's Haunt 7 From the Overworld
Course5 SM65
Peach Beach Hazy Maze Cave 7 1st Key to enter the castle
Course6 SM65
Lava Lava Towers Lethal Lava Land 7 1st Key to enter the castle
Course7 SM65
Lethal Acid Sewer Shifting Sand Land 7 1st Key to enter the castle
Course8 SM65
Koopa's Bloodied Waters Dire, Dire Docks 7 1st Key to enter the castle
Course9 SM65
Crystal Snow Beach Snowman's Land 7 1st Key to enter the castle
Course10 SM65
Grass Paradise Wet-Dry World 7 2nd Key to enter Candyland
Course11 SM65
Shifting Gloomy Temple Tall, Tall Mountain 7 2nd Key to enter Candyland
Course12 SM65
Whomps Volcanic Mountain Tiny-Huge Island 7 2nd Key to enter Candyland
Course13 SM65
Thwomp Sky Harbor Tick Tock Clock 7 2nd Key to enter Candyland
Course14 SM65
Bowser's Mirror Castle Rainbow Ride 7 2nd Key to enter Candyland
Course15 SM65

Secret Levels Edit

Name Replaced Stars Location -


Stormy Sky Circuit The Princess's Secret Slide 6 Course 2, on a Pipe
Spooky Wooden Slide The Secret Aquarium 6 Below the Mushroom from the Start

(Need the Super Leaf to get it)

Candyland ★ Wing Mario Over the Rainbow 6 2nd Key to enter it
Database Geometry Tower of the Wing Cap 6 On top of the Overworld Level (shell), shoot the canon (more info later)
Wing SM65
The Honey Hive Cavern of the Metal Cap 6 On the castle, you need to disable the red blocks (more info later)
Metal SM65
Murky Murky Waters Vanish Cap Under the Moat 6 Course 5, on a Hole
Vanish SM65
Secret Rainbow Stars End Cake Picture 6 Below the 3rd Bowser Battle Stage, on a pipe (Need the Super Leaf to get it)
Cake SM65

Castle Levels Edit

Name Replaced Stars Image
Mushroom Start Castle Grounds 0
Castle1 SM65
Overworld Inside Castle 4
Castle2 SM65
Blue Castle Castle Courtyard 1
Castle3 SM65

Bowser Levels Edit

Name Replaced Stars Required Stars Image
Bowser's Retro Castle Bowser in the Dark World 4 30
Bowser1 SM65
Bowser's Factory Bowser in the Fire Sea 4 50
Bowser2 SM65
Bowser's Rainbow Starship Bowser in the Sky 4 120
Bowser3 SM65

Bowser Levels Bosses Edit

Name Boss Image
Bowser's Retro Castle Boss Big Boo
BowserBoss1 SM65
Bowser's Factory Boss Big Bob-omb
BowserBoss2 SM65
Bowser's Rainbow Starship Boss Big Bowser
BowserBoss3 SM65

Music Edit

Name Original Game / Source Used in
Sector X Star Fox 64 File Select
Puzzle Plank Galaxy Super Mario Galaxy 2 Bob-Omb's Grassfield
Freezeflame Galaxy (Ice) Super Mario Galaxy Freeze Polar Land
Rainbow Factory WoodenToaster Piranha Swamp-Mushroom
Gobi's Valley Banjo-Kazooie Sand-Valley Highway
Beware the Forest's Mushrooms Super Mario RPG Creppy Boo's Church
Starshine Beach Galaxy Super Mario Galaxy 2 Peach Beach
Bowser Land Mario Party 2 Lava Lava Towers
Mad Monster Mansion Banjo-Kazooie Lethal Acid Sewer
Lower Norfair Super Metroid Koopa's Bloodied Waters
Tal Tal Heights Zelda: Link's Awakening Crystal Snow Beach
Piranha Creeper Creek Super Mario 3D World Grass Paradise
Hoohoo Mountain Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Shifting Gloomy Temple
Barrel Volcano Super Mario RPG Whomps Volcanic Mountain
Fortress New Super Mario Bros. Wii Thwomp Sky Harbor
Hyrule Castle The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Bowser's Mirror Castle
Grape Garden Kirby Super Star Stormy Sky Circuit
Slide Super Mario 64 Spooky Wooden Slide
Credits Bomberman 64 Candyland ★
Rainbow Road Mario Kart 64 Database Geometry
March Ahead Paper Mario 64 The Honey Hive
Tricky Maze ...for Lost World Sonic Adventure Murky Murky Waters
Peach’s Birthday Cake Mario Party Secret Rainbow Stars
Sky & Sea Super Mario Sunshine Using Leaf Cap
Super Bell Hill (Overworld) Super Mario 3D World Overworld
Underworld Kid Icarus: Uprising Blue Castle
Bowser's Lava Lake Keep (Castle) Super Mario 3D World Bowser's Retro Castle
Buoy Base Galaxy Super Mario Galaxy Bowser's Factory
Koopa's Road (Remix) Super Mario 64 Bowser's Rainbow Starship
King Dodongo Battle The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Bowser's Retro Castle Boss

Bowser's Factory Boss

Final Boss Sonic 3 & Knuckles Bowser's Rainbow Starship Boss