Super Mario 64 The Missing Stars
Creator Frauber (real name Messiaen)
Number of Stars 38
Created May 2009
Level Information
Number of Levels 2
Number of Secret Levels 7
Download Link

Super Mario 64 The Missing Stars is the first official major hack ever made. It was released in May 2009 and contains 38 Stars. In terms of difficulty, it is a relatively straight forward, and in terms of length, it is quite short and not very cryptic. It is also one of the most unique hacks, making use of a ton of interesting and unique gimmicks in every one of their "levels". The format of the hack is also different, as most of the stars are not found in stereotypical courses, but in mini overworlds. These are all giant flat lands with objects put on them, which Mario must platform to reach Stars or coins. This hack strives on changes during game play and progression through the hack. One tip is to ALWAYS GO INTO MARIO CAM! For some reason, the camera gravitates into the center of the level when on Lakitu Cam. Beware that the various pipes and sections will change the camera. Also, the final boss requires use of a D-PAD, so if this option is not available on keyboard settings, then be aware that you can not defeat the final boss.

Changes Edit

One unique factor about this hack is the use of day and night. When Mario transitions to another part of the Overworld about 5 times, the time of day will change. This not only changes the ascetics, but most stars can only be gotten in the morning or at night due to layout changes. The amount of stars that can be gotten during night and day are usually even, with some stars being able to be gotten during both. In the morning, there are also little to no enemies and plenty of NPCs that Mario can interact with. Most of these give vital hints to where stars are and take the forms of various enemies (Goombas, Shy Guys, and Piranha Plants). At night, the layout is darker, enemies appear across the worlds, and mini bosses will appear. There are also two secret switches.

The levels are also handled uniquely. Besides the overworld stars, there are two more levels similar to a normal Mario 64 level fashion. In Mario 64 and most other hacks, most stars can be gotten out of order during any mission. In Missing Stars, this is the opposite. Most missions will change the entire layout of levels and add or take away stars, blocks, and anything else that can be changed. For the overworld stars, most require some sort of platforming challenge, but most are short and easy to get.

The main display now also has a counter for stars in the overworlds (but courses 7 and 13 don't have a counter).

The enemies in the game also got an overhaul, increasing in power. The Goombas now run incredibly fast, and hitting for 3 points of damage instead of one. Bob-ombs now instantly explode on touch and hit for four points of damage. The mini bosses also are more unique, as they take more hits and some have extra abilities. And Mario needs to use a new ability in order to harm the final boss.

The music is also customized. There is a different music track for each stage, for both their day and night variants. Most of the music played at night is the exact same.

Plot Edit

A Goomba and a Piranha Plant tells Mario that the Power Star was broken into 38 shards by Bowser, and spread across the land and town. These shards look identical to actual stars. This time, almost every resident wants to restore the star, including Goombas, Bob-ombs, and Piranha Plants, though there are still some evil ones out there. When Mario collects about 4 stars, Princess Peach and Yoshi will also inform Mario of the troubles Bowser has been causing as well as some hints. When Mario collects all 38 stars and recreates the Power Star, Bowser, apparently steals it right from their hands. This gives him even more power and easy ruling over the Mushroom Kingdom. However, it seems Peach has created a special fire suit, which allows Mario to throw fireballs in order to defeat Bowser and restore peace to the Mushroom Kingdom.



Name of level Level(s) replaced Location Number of Stars available Notes
Main City Area Bob-omb Battlefield, Castle Grounds and Castle Interior Starting point 6 The game always starts here. Every time you select "Exit Course", you return to this area.
House Interior The Princess's Secret Slide Near starting point 1 There are two ways you can get to this level. The second way is by going inside a pipe on a floating island. The Wing Cap switch is also in this level.
Koopa's House Whomp's Fortress East of Main City Area 4
Outside City Area Jolly Roger Bay South of Main City Area 5 You need at least 4 Stars to gain entry to this level.
Abandoned Shack Cool, Cool Mountain North of Main City Area 3
Windy Temple Tall, Tall Mountain In the Abandoned Shack 2 The Metal Cap switch is in this level.
The Undergrounds Hazy Maze Cave Through a pipe in Outside City Area 3
Inside the Volcano Lethal Lava Land Through a pipe in the Undergrounds 7
Secret Woods Tiny-Huge Island On the opposite side of the Outside City Area 7


Name of sequence Game(s) with this sequence Sequence replaced Used in
Good Egg Galaxy Super Mario Galaxy Start Screen Start Screen
Closed Garden Seiken Densetsu 3 File Select File Select screen
Moo Moo Farm/Yoshi Valley Mario Kart 64 Title Theme Main City Area (Day)
Original music by Messiaen N/A Toad's Message Main City Area (Night)/Secret Woods (Night)
Piranha Plant's Lullaby Super Mario 64 None Koopa's House (Night)/House Interior
Athletic Super Mario Bros. 3 Haunted House Koopa's House (Day)
Butter Building Kirby's Adventure Slider Koopa the Quick's Race
Forest Maze Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars Snow Mountain Abandoned Shack (Day)
Milk Bar The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Merry-Go-Round Abandoned Shack (Night)
Looping Steps Super Mario 64 None Windy Temple
Zelda's Lullaby The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Inside the Castle Walls Outside City Area (Day)
Boss Theme B Star Fox 64 Dire, Dire Docks Outside City Area (Night)
Boss Theme Zelda II: Adventure of Link Koopa's Theme The Undergrounds
Lethal Lava Land Super Mario 64 None Inside the Volcano
Flower Gardens Yoshi's Island DS Bob-omb Battlefield Secret Woods (Day)

Unused levelsEdit

Name of level Replaced by Notes
Big Boo's Haunt Secret Woods (copy) If you go to a certain area, the camera angle will start to go out of control.
Shifting Sand Land The game will freeze at a white screen, and switch to 25 FPS.
Dire, Dire Docks The game will freeze if Mario tries to go to the second area.
Snowman's Land
Wet-Dry World The game will freeze at a white screen with no music playing.
Tick Tock Clock The game will freeze at a white screen with the "Butter Building" music playing for a few seconds, then crash.
Rainbow Ride The game will most often freeze if Mario tries to go to a certain point in the level.
Bowser in the Dark World The pipe at the end leads to a copy of the Abandoned Shack. Once there, however, Bowser's message will appear, then the game will crash.
Bowser in the Fire Sea The battle arena appears to be upside down, and will send Mario falling into the lava pit as the battle just begins.
Bowser in the Sky Once you have 38 Stars, a pipe will be added to the House Interior, giving you access to the only Bowser battle in this hack. But in this battle, Mario cannot grab Bowser by the tail; instead, he throws fireballs.
Tower of the Wing Cap
Cavern of the Metal Cap
Vanish Cap Under the Moat
The Secret Aquarium
Wing Mario Over the Rainbow

External Links Edit

  • Messiaen has detailed documentation about the making of this hack here.

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