Super Mario 64 Shining Stars
Creator pieordie1
Number of Stars 151
Created 8/16/2014
Level Information
Number of Levels 15
Number of Secret Levels 9
Download Link

Super Mario 64 Shining Stars is a hack made by pieordie1. It was made on August 16, 2014 and has 151 stars. This hack is the 4th to have over 150 stars. Many levels are based on the Paper Mario series, and has many Paper Mario songs in relation. This hack was released 3 times, versions 1, 2.0 and Final, and a redone version is in progress.

This hack has many easy stars, causing it to get a low difficulty rating. Many stars involve platforming, lava, or riding shells. All 3 boss battle stages are just the vanilla SM64 bowser battle stages. Many other textures from N64 games were used, and level themes from other games are used. Most level entrances are pipes. This was also one of the first hacks to make use of Kazeshin's More Object Patches, adding objects such as SMG Shrink Platforms and SMB3 Noteblocks.

Plot Edit

The plot of this game is found out from a sign in the first overworld. Rosalina created the Sanctuary of the Shining Stars to protect the Shining Star from people who want to use them for bad things. Bowser, upon hearing of the sanctuary, decided to invade the sanctuary of the Shining Stars and steal the Grand Shining Star. His goal is to fill the entire kingdom with lava for his own personal lava bath! Mario must go and stop Bowser at his fortress on the sun before his plan comes true!

Levels Edit

Name Replaced Coins Stars Required Stars Image
Chomp Fields Bob-omb Battlefield 148 7 0
Piranha Skygarden Whomp's Fortress 121 7 0
Stormy Skyway Jolly Roger Bay 111 7 0
Icefire Caverns Cool, Cool Mountain 117 7 0
Mt. Lavalava Big Boo's Haunt 133 7 0
Desolate Dryline Hazy Maze Cave 155 7 30
Starshine Cove Lethal Lava Land 112 7 30
Wintry Wasteland Shifting Sand Land 128 7 30
Magma Mountains Dire, Dire Docks 129 7 30
The Abyss Snowman's Land 161 7 30
Twin Peaks Wet-Dry World 123 7 70
Hydrofire Chasm Tall, Tall Mountain 128 7 85
Chaotic Clock Tower Tiny-Huge Island 145 7 95
Suffocating Moon Temple Tick Tock Clock 171 7 110
Searing Sun Temple Rainbow Ride 180 7 110

Secret LevelsEdit

Name Replaced Stars Required Stars Image Notes
Dust Drain Vanish Cap Under the Moat 5 0
Shiversear Cave Cavern of the Metal Cap 5 0
Bowser's Tower of Terror Bowser in the Dark World 4 30
New Shine City Wing Mario Over the Rainbow 6 30
Sky Tower Tower of the Wing Cap 5 30
Star Temple The Secret Aquarium 6 30
Sizzling Slide Secret The Princess's Secret Slide 3 30
Bowser's Magma Mine Bowser in the Fire Sea 4 69
Bowser's Solar Fortress Bowser in the Sky 4 121

Castle Area'sEdit

Name Replaced Stars Required Stars Image
Shine City Castle Grounds 1 0
Shine City 2 Castle Interior 2 30
Shine City Tower Castle Courtyard 1 69

Music Edit

Used in Song Sequence
File Select/New Shine City Sky Tower - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team[1]
Star Select Main Menu - Mario Kart Wii [2]
Shine City Rogueport Sewers - Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door [3]
Chomp Fields Gourmet Race - Kirby Super Star [4]
Boss Battle Its a Swarm of Smorgs! - Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door [5]
Piranha Skygarden Athletic Theme - Super Mario Land 2 [6]
Stormy Skyway Light - Kirby Air Ride [7]
Dust Drain/Shiversear Cave/Hydrofire Chasm Floro Sapien Caverns - Super Paper Mario [8]
Vanish/Wing Cap/Shell Carrot Castle - Kirby and the Amazing Mirror [9]
Icefire Caverns Freezeflame Galaxy (Lava) - Super Mario Galaxy [10]
Metal Cap Mint Leaf - Kirby's Dream Land [11]
Mt. Lavalava Escape Mt. Lavalava - Paper Mario [12]
Bowser's Tower of Terror Macho Grubba!! - Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door [13]
Desolate Dryline Glitz Pit - Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door [14]
Starshine Cove Bubblegloop Swamp - Banjo Kazooie [15]
Wintry Wasteland/The Abyss (Ice) Crystal Palace - Paper Mario [16]
Star Temple Tile Pool - Super Paper Mario [17]
Magma Mountains/The Abyss (Fire) Big Boss - Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island [18]
Sky Tower Sky Waltz - Kirby's Return to Dreamland [19]
The Abyss (Sand) Life in the Mines - Donkey Kong Country [20]
The Abyss (Main) Haunted House - Super Mario 64 [21]
The Abyss (Crystal) Crystal Caves - Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island [22]
Sizzling Slide Secret Barrel Volcano - Super Mario RPG: Legend of the 7 Stars [23]
Bowser's Magma Mine Black Fortress - Bomberman 64 [24]
Twin Peaks Riddle Tower - Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door [25]
Chaotic Clock Tower Ball Rolling - Super Mario Galaxy [26]
Suffocating Moon Temple/Searing Sun Temple Shadow Queen Battle pt. 2 - Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door [27]
Bowser's Solar Fortress Boss - Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards [28]
Star Collect Bowser's Defeat - Paper Mario [29]
Unused Music #1 Mid-Boss - Kirby and the Amazing Mirror [30]
Unused Music #2 Bowletta Battle - Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga [31]
Unused Music #3 Hooktail Battle - Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door [32]
Unused Music #4 Final Destination - Super Smash Bros. Melee [33]
Unused Music #5 Shadow Queen (Peach) Battle pt. 1 - Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door [34]
Unused Music #6 Double Cherry Pass - Super Mario 3D World [35]
Unused Music #7 Space Storm Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy 2 [36]
Unused Music #8 The Ultimate Show - Super Paper Mario [37]
Unused Music #9 The Underwhere - Super Paper Mario [38]
Koopa Race Paper Mario - Bowser's Rage

Trivia Edit

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