Super Luigi Star Road
20161020 112621
Creator Quasmok
Number of Stars 130
Created 2016
Level Information
Number of Levels 15
Number of Secret Levels 9
Download Link Mediafire

This is article about Super Mario Star Road series. For original hack, see Super Mario Star Road.

Super Luigi Star Road is a Rom hack made by Quasmok. The levels and hub worlds were taken from Super Mario Star Road, but Mario is replaced with a custom Luigi model with a modified voice as well.

Geoshi has recently updated the hack with improvements and added some new content.

Levels Edit

Level Stars Stars Required
Bob-omb Islands 7 0
Sky Land Resort 7 0
Piranha Plant Pond 7 0
Chuckya Harbor 7 8
Gloomy Garden 7 8
Colorful Coral Caverns 7 20
Koopa Canyon 7 30
Large Leaf Forest 7 20
Mad Musical Mess 7 30
Melting Snow Peaks 7 20
Colossal Candy Clutter 7 40
Cloudrail Station 7 40
Fatal Flame Falls 7 40
Bob-omb Battle Factory 7 65
Starlight Runway 7 65

Secret Levels Edit

Level Stars Stars Required
Mushroom Mountain Town 3 0
Creepy Cap Cave 2 8
Puzzle of the Vanish Cap 2 8
Bowser's Slippery Swamp 2 20
Sandy Slide Secret 3 20
Retro Remix Castle 2 40
Bowser's Rainbow Rumble 2 80
Hidden Palace Finale 2 120

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