Super Banjo-Tooie 64
Super Banjo-Tooie 64 Title Screen
Creator UED
Number of Stars 49
Created December 2014
Level Information
Number of Levels 8
Number of Secret Levels 1
Download Link

Super Banjo-Tooie 64 is a rom-hack made by UED. It is a re-creation of Banjo-Tooie in the Super Mario 64 engine, and is the sequel to Super Banjo-Kazooie 64. Unlike the original, all of the levels in this game are complete, although it has no ending or final boss. The overworld layout can be very confusing, since everything was ported from Banjo-Tooie there are a lot of tunnels that look like they go somewhere but don't do anything.

The Wing Cap has unique physics, in that Mario travels at a constant speed, regardless of the direction he is facing. This means that he can gain height until the Wing Cap runs out.

Ballbuster Edit

Ballbuster is a new character introduced in this game, who resembles a creepy target dummy, and functions identically to Mario except that he can shoot bullets by pressing the L button. The downside to the bullets is that he can destroy mission objects, such as stars or Jinjos which can then become uncollectible, and enemies killed by bullets do not drop coins. Ballbuster can also crash the game by doing things like shooting a Chain Chomp. Overall, this character is very glitchy, so is probably not best for a first playthrough.

Cheats Edit

There are three built in cheats in this game which are activated in a room through a cave in the starting area. Use the D-pad while in the cave to select and activate the cheats.

  • Wallhack - makes walls partially transparent, can make things look very strange
  • Speedhack - makes the character move much quicker
  • Aimbot - forces the character to face the nearest enemy, toggled on/off by pressing down on the D-pad. Most useful for Ballbuster.

Levels Edit

Note: There are no star requirements in this game.

Name Stars Notes
Jinjo Village 0 Contains all three Cap Switches. This level is called "Snowman's Land" on the pause menu.
Mayahem Temple 6
Glitter Gulch Mine 6
Witchyworld 6
Jolly Roger's Lagoon 6
Terrydactyland 6
Grunty Industries 6
Hailfire Peaks 7 The only course with seven stars (the 100-coin star still replaces the 6th star)
Cloud Cuckooland 6

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