Super Banjo-Kazooie 64
Creator UEA
Number of Stars 32
Created December 2012
Level Information
Number of Levels 10
Number of Secret Levels 5
Download Link

Super Banjo-Kazooie 64 is a demo rom-hack made by UED, which was released in 2012. The hack is a re-creation of Banjo-Kazooie using the Super Mario 64 engine. It features all of the main levels from Banjo-Kazooie, with the exception of Click Clock Wood. The game was released as a beta and was never completed.

A sequel, Super Banjo-Tooie 64 was released in 2014.

Plot Edit

Bowser is making trouble again and Mario must recover the stars.

Levels Edit

Level Stars Stars Required Notes
Spiral Mountain 6 0
Mumbo's Mountain 5 1
Treasure Trove Cove 4 3
Freezeezy Peak 4 3 There are two more stars in this level than the names suggest.
Wozza's Hoehle 1 3 Vanish Cap stage. Located in Freezezy Peak.
Gruntilda's Battle-Tower 0 10 Wing Cap stage. Entered via the beam of light in the lobby.
Gruntilda's Reich [1] 0 8 First Bowser Stage.
Bubblegloop Swamp 3 8
Clanker's Cavern 2 8
Gobi's Valley 2 8
Beta Lair 1 8
Gruntilda's Reich [2] 0 9 Second Bowser stage. Has the same name as the first.
Rusty Bucket Bay 1 9
Mad Monster Mansion 1 9
Kirche 1 9 Metal Cap stage. Located in Mad Monster Mansion.

Note: MIPS appears in the basement, which accounts for the 32nd star.

Music Edit

All level music matches their Banjo-Kazooie counterparts, excluding Peach's castle and Bowser fights. The only exceptions are Peach's Castle and Bowser fights, which uses the standard Bowser fight music from SM64 and also uses Peach's Castle music from SM64.

Trivia Edit

  • If the player tries to enter Snowman's Land, Tiny-Huge Island, Tick Tock Clock or Rainbow Ride, they will lose a life and appear outside the castle.
  • Entrances for The Princess's Secret Slide, The Secret Aquarium, Vanish Cap Under the Moat, Big Boo's Haunt and Bowser in the Sky have been removed completely.
  • Strangely, Wing Mario Over the Rainbow is still intact, re-named "Should Not See Me." If the player goes through the 50 star door using the BLJ glitch, it is possible to collect 33 stars.

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