Sunset Shore
Hack Super Mario and the Marvel Adventure
Stars Required 2
Boss(es) None
Levels Scale the Middle Tower

Floating Beams Above the Sea

Pole Dancing on the Island

The Treasures of the Flowers

Search for the Red Coins

Fly to the Tower Top

Number of Stars 7
Music Used Megaman & Bass - Tenguman Stage
Level After Dusty Desert
Stage or HUB Level is located in TBA

Sunset Shore is the first course in the hack Super Mario and the Marvel Adventure.


Star 1: Scale the Middle TowerEdit

Star 2: Floating Beams Above the SeaEdit

Star 3: Pole Dancing on the IslandEdit

Star 4: The Treasures of the FlowersEdit

Star 5: Search for the Red CoinsEdit

Star 6: Fly to the Tower TopEdit

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