Star Revenge 5: Neo Blue Realm
IMG 8992
Creator BroDute
Number of Stars 70
Created December 2016
Level Information
Number of Levels 7
Number of Secret Levels 13
Download Link

Star Revenge 5: Neo Blue Realm is a rom-hack made by BroDute. Despite its title it is actually a remake of Star Revenge 0.5 - Unused Levels, which may be confusing.

There are three possible endings - a BroDute race, the Nightmare Factory, and an Eyerock fight, however there are no end screens. Leaving the ending zone after each of these will result in a solid black screen until the game is reset.

Levels Edit

Name Stars Stars Required Notes
Outside Castle Blaudia 1 0
Inside Castle Blaudia 4 0 There are three Toad stars and a hidden red coin room.
Midnight Forest Valley Yakan 7 0
Secret Underground Slide 2 0 Located in the toilet near the entrance to Midnight Forest Valley Yakan
Sunset Ocean Islands 7 2
Sunken Wing Cap Ship 1 2 Located in Sunset Ocean Islands
Snowy Pencool Slide Resort 7 5
Missingno's Park 1 10 First and only Bowser Stage
Oldschool Magmatic Sewers 7 11
Abandoned Metal Mine 2 11 Located in Oldschool Magmatic Sewers
Forgotten Cove of Fiore 7 15
Fogwood Forest 2 20
Sandy Sand Desert Canyon 7 20
Skyhigh Kingdom in the Evening 7 20
Vaporspace 1 30
BroDute Race 1 30 Located in Vaporspace
The End (BroDute Race Ending) 1 31 Collecting the BroDute Race star will warp Mario here.
Reverse Castle Blaudia 1 65 Entered through a pipe near Forgotten Cove of Fiore. Contains the Vanish Cap Switch.
Nightmare Factory 1 65 Entered by standing on a sign in front of the barred off pipe outside the castle. Enter Midnight Forest Valley Yakan, select Star 2, and exit course to activate the warp.
Blue Realm Outter Core 1 65 Located through the barred off pipe outside of the castle. Requires the Vanish Cap, hidden in a tree next to the castle.
Blue Realm Core Heart 1 65 Eyerock fight stage, located at the end of Blue Realm Outter Core.
The End (Eyerock Ending) 1 66 Collecting the Eyerock star will warp Mario here.
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