On the 12th of September 2014 Simpleflips uploaded a video on his Youtube channel about his collection of over 200 ROM hacks. he shared it in the description of the video.

Video link:

The collection contains 288 files and 17 folders, it fills between 11 to 12 GBs (11.884.714.379 bytes).

Rom hack collections usually come from people that have been around the community for a longer time, downloading ROM's then publishing them for the newer members. Both finished and unfinished ROMs are in these collections.

Finished hacks list (unfinished) Edit

Name Creator # of stars Folder Versions Included
The Kedama Takeover BroDute 96 The Kedama Takeover Files > The Kedama Takeover 64
Mario on An Saorie BroDute 65 Major Hacks
Return To Retroland cpuHacka101 5 Major Hacks
SM64 Extreme Edition Kaze Emanuar 90 Major Hacks
SM64 MADNESS Kaze Emanuar 122 Major Hacks
SM64 StarRevenge BroDute 151 Major Hacks v1.1 (English), v1.1 (Deutsch)
SM64 StarRevenge Night of Doom BroDute 152 Major Hacks Deu, Eng
SM64 Star Revenge Redone BroDute 151 Major Hacks Deu, Eng, v1.3 Deu, v1.3 Eng, possible v1.1
SM64 The Green Stars Kampel125 130 Major Hacks v1.1, v1.2, v1.3, v2.0
SM64 The Wonderous Worlds Dudaw 32 Major Hacks
Super Mario - The Power Star Journey Fares242 More than 105 Major Hacks v1.1
Super Mario & Planet Stardust's Rampage Fares242 116 Major Hacks v1.0, v1.1, v1.2
Super Mario & The Big Power Star Hunt Fares242 Major Hacks
Super Mario Sky Stories The64MarioMan 21 Major Hacks
Super Mario 64 - The Missing Stars Frauber 38 Major Hacks v1.1, v1.2
Super Mario 64 - Twisted Adventures Mriven97 151 Major Hacks v1.0, v1.1

Demo hacks (unfinished) Edit

Name Creator Folder Versions Included Finished Version Included?
Luigi's Mansion 64 Hacker Marce Major Hacks Demo 1, Demo 2, Demo 3
Luigi's Mansion 64 Donaldthescotishtwin Major Hacks Alpha
Luigi's Mansion 64 unknow Major Hacks v0.41
Mario and the Magic Wand Kaze Emanuar Major Hacks Demo 1
Mario's Nightmare 64 Apioeus Major Hacks (POSSIBLE v1.0) [T+Eng_Eggs6131]
MonochromeMario64 vinnyboiler Major Hacks
SM64 2 Bowser's Revenge SuperMarioBros1Fan Major Hacks DEMO #1, DEMO #2 - Luigi, DEMO #2 - Mario
SM64 Grand Star MarioGame2222 Major Hacks Demo1
SM64 New Generation v0.1.0 ThefastNero Major Hacks Deu, English, Francais
SM64 StarRevenge BroDute Major Hacks Demo1, Demo2.1 Yes
SM64 StarRevenge Night of Doom BroDute Major Hacks Demo, 2.0 [Night of Troll Edition] Yes
SM64 StarRevenge2 - To the Moon BroDute Major Hacks Demo1, Demo1.11 No
SM64 Wacky Worlds v2 Dudaw Major Hacks Demo No
SM64 StarRevenge 0.5 - Unused Levels BroDute Major Hacks Demo1.2B (Deu), Demo1.2B (Eng)
Super Banjo-Kazooie 64 UED Major Hacks Demo, Beta (English), Beta (Germany)
Super Mario - The Power Star Journey Fares242 Major Hacks Beta

Texture hack list (unfinished) Edit

Name Creator Notes

Others (unfinished) Edit

Name Type of File


SM64 2 Bowser's Revenge DEMO #2 - For Machinimas and other SM64 videos ROM file
Project64k emulator Emulator
Star Revenge 0.5 - Unused Levels Readme text file Text file (.txt)

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