SMB 1-1 Recreation
Creator Kaze
Number of Stars 1
Created March 2015
Level Information
Number of Levels 1
Number of Secret Levels 0
Download Link

SMB 1-1 Recreation is a small hack made by Kaze. The level included is a recreation of first level of Super Mario Bros. for the NES. The game immediately starts with no title screen and drops Mario right into the level. Invisible walls were placed in front and behind Mario to force him to only run left to right. There's only one level remade from the game. Once the star has been collected an image from Super Mario Bros. will come up and end the game.

Trivia Edit

  • If the player exits the course from the start menu they will be taken back to original Super Mario 64. The game is playable but very glitchy. Some examples:
    • Entering Bowser in the Dark World will drop Mario back to the start of SMB 1-1
    • Bowser in the Fire Sea works as normal, however Bowser in the Sky does not, which means the game can't be completed as normal.
    • Breaking the Shoot to the Island star box in Bob-omb Battlefield will crash the game.
    • The slide in Cool, Cool Mountain is impossible, as invisible walls prevent Mario from turning
    • Cap boxes have been replaced with breakable bricks.
    • Whomp's Fortress, and Hazy Maze Cave are unplayable
    • The Top O' the Town star box in Wet-Dry World contains an invincibility star
    • Lethal Lava Land includes Blargg
  • The castle courtyard, if the course was exited. will contain many various objects with mechanics which were never in Super Mario 64 either at all or in the beta. However they do make appearances in other hacks. This includes:
    • A star will appear when the courtyard is entered which will crash the game if collected.
    • Sand block that shrinks once stood on (Super Mario Sunshine)
    • Disappearing platforms (Super Mario Galaxy)
    • Red and blue platforms that switch with every jump. (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
    • Yellow block that spins once struck. (Super Mario World)
    • Spring (Sonic the Hedgehog)
    • Note Block (Super Mario Bros. 3)
    • Red/Blue Blocks which appear/disappear when a red or blue button is pressed. (Super Mario Bros. Wii)
    • Spring (Sonic the hedgehog)
    • Platforms that moves and flips (Super Mario Sunshine)
    • Blue question mark switch (Super Mario Galaxy)
    • Platform that moves in two directions depending which side Mario is on (Super Mario 3D land)
    • Red sparkle.
    • Two small low textured shells.

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