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Last Impact
Last Impact Title Screen
Boot-up Screen
Creator Kaze
Number of Stars 130
Created 30 September 2016
Level Information
Number of Levels 15
Number of Secret Levels 13
Download Link

SM64 Last Impact is a major hack made by Kaze Emanuar. It was released on September 30th, 2016 at 8:00AM MDT. It contains 130 stars, 12 power-ups, many new bosses and a large variety of completely new levels. In SM64 Last Impact, Mario only has 6 health instead of the normal 8 and a separate gauge for air underwater. This hack presents many things that weren't in previous hacks or the original game, including new power-ups, custom music and objects, and unique boss fights.

Power-ups Edit

In game instructions gallery.

Difficulty Edit

As for the difficulty, in one of Kaze's YouTube videos, a user by the name of Thirteen 1355 asked about the difficulty and Kaze replied with: "i want to get a good balance between difficulty and exploration factor - i want the player to be able to beat the game with a low amount of struggle, but i also want to make the player work hard to get all stars there are in conclusion, the difficulty curve is about as steep as in mario 64, it starts a bit higher and oscilates more though."[1]

Plot Edit


Courses Edit

No. Name Stars Stars Required Image
1 Wildlife Valley 7 0
2 Stonesnake Shatters 7 0
3 Sunset Islet 7 4
4 Crystal Caves 7 4
5 Abandoned Outpost 7 15
6 Super Sweet Sugarland 7 20
7 Dusky Doomed Dale


Dusky Doomed Dale
8 Melty Molten Mountains 7 20
9 Harried Honey Hive 7 20
10 Sky-High Islands 7 40
11 Big Beast's Belly 7 45
12 Gamble Game Gallery


13 Colossal Circuits


14 Livid Surreal Dream 7 45
15 Rainbow Road



Secret Levels Edit

All the stars you collect in these secret levels will count towards your Hidden Stars count.

Level Stars Stars Required Notes Image
Above the Clouds 3 12, 20, 40 There are 3 levels called "Above the Clouds," all of which feature the Cloud Cap. One is accessible from the yellow stand in the first overworld, one from Drybone Desert, and one from Sky-High Islands.
Minigame House 5 20 A small cell-shaded house in the first overworld. The first two minigames unlock by collecting stars, while the last three are unlocked by completing Rainbow Coin Challenges in Super Sweet Sugarland, Sky-High Islands, and Luna Park.
Bowser's Fiery Castle 2 20 The first Bowser stage, and the location of the first key.
Underground Depths 2 20 Accessible from the bridge leading to Bowser's Fiery Castle.
Underground Depths Star 2
Gloomy Ambience 2 20 There are 2 levels called "Gloomy Ambience", both in the second overworld. One is inside a desk, in the cellar of the first house, and the other is through a mysterious black orb in one of the doorways.
Drybone Desert 1 20 It is located through the barred-off pipe in the second overworld, Mario can use the Flat Mushroom hidden behind a boulder to get through the bars. There are two secret levels accessible through this stage - the Secret Aquarium and one of the Above the Clouds levels.
Secret Aquarium 1 20 Entered through a well in Drybone Desert.
Secret aquarium
Shadow Factory 2 45 The second "Bowser stage" and the location of the second key. Also serves as a path to the second overworld. The second key is held by Dark Mario, instead of Bowser.
Shadow factory
Luna Park 2 45 Entered by train on the third overworld. Also contains the rainbow coin challenge to unlock the 5th game in the Minigame House.
LP s1
Rashay's Moon Cellar 2 80 The third "Bowser stage," leads to Rashay, the final boss.

Overworlds Edit

Name Stars Stars Required Notes Picture
Castle Grounds 3 0 Contains levels 1-5, Above the Clouds 1, Minigame House, Bowser's Fiery Castle, and Underground Depths. Two stars come from fighting the Goomba Bros, and one from collecting a coconut for Yoshi,
Abandoned Village 0 20 Contains levels 6-10, Gloomy Ambience, Drybone Desert, Secret Aquarium, Above the Clouds 2 and 3, and Shadow Factory,
The Moon 0 45 Contains levels 11-15, Luna Park and Rashay's Moon Cellar, as well as the secret "Cut Out Content" level.

New Enemies Edit

Name Found In: Ability/action Image
Fuzzy Wildlife Valley Touching these will make Mario spin in circles, and cause the screen to turn funny colors for a short time.
Wiggler Wildlife Valley Doesn't attack.
Tap-Tap Wildlife Valley Touching these will hurt Mario. They only can be defeated by luring them into specific terrain.
Crabber Sunset Islet Will attack with Claw if too close
Geocraft Abandoned Outpost Throws rocks
Octoomba Abandoned Outpost Shoots rocks
Bipette Abandoned Outpost Flies above the level, shooting at Mario from above
Mechanical Lizard Abandoned Outpost Will attack with Mouth if too close
Mech Lizard
Prickly Piranha Plant Multiple levels Lunges at Mario, can only be damaged by jumping on top of their head.
Podoboo / Lava Bubble Bowser's Fiery Castle They are in lava and jump from one set located to another one
Lava Bubble
Helmet Goomba Underground Depths Wears a protective helmet which can only be removed using the Fire Flower
Helmet goomba
Dry Bones Drybone Desert Skeletal Koopa Troopas that will regenerate after a short amount of time.
Dry Bones
Quibomb Super Sweet Sugarland charges
Freezie Melty Molten Mountains Freezes/burns with very wide attack ranges
Teehee Butterfly Sky-High Islands Explodes if it gets touched while it's blue (deals 2 damage).
Giant Goomba Multiple levels Splits into three regular Goombas when killed.
Volcano Lotus Sky-High Islands Spews out fireballs into the air at a diagonal angle.
Paragoomba Sky-High Islands Flies and once jumped on they fall and lose there wings.
Blooper Big Beast's Belly Charges at Mario
Spider Robot Big Beast's Belly Chases Mario
Little Mouser Gamble Game Gallery Runs around quickly in circles
Little Mouser
Bandit Gamble Game Gallery Chases Mario
Electro-Koopa Colossal Circuits Throws its shell at Mario
Hand Spider Livid Surreal Dream Charges at Mario
Hand Spider
Thunder Lakitu Rainbow Road Throws bolts of lightning at Mario from above
Thunder Lakitu
Colorful Thwomp Rainbow Road Falls and crush Mario
Chomp Rainbow Road Roll straight in the floor without attacking Mario

New Bosses Edit

Name Location Description Picture
Ancient Attacker Stonesnake Shatters A giant winged Snake that spits fire
Ancient Attacker
Giant Fish Crystal Caves A giant fish that must be lured into a cage
Bowser Bowser's Fiery Castle Mario must quickly cross a bridge to throw a Bob-omb at him
Browser 1
Goomba Bros (1) Courtyard Overworld 1 They use their "Triangle Formation" and "Pokey Formation" to try to ram Mario
Goomba Bros (2) Courtyard Overworld 1 They are back and with new toys
Last Impact - Goomba Brothers
Devil Big Bully Underground Depths Tries to knock Mario into the lava, also has a pulsing fire shield.
Devil Big Bully
Dark Big Boo

(Dark Atomic Boo)

Dusky Doomed Dale Mario must defeat a giant Boo where he only can see its reflection
Kamek Dusky Doomed Dale Flies around and shoots blasts of magic which cause Goombas to appear
Gargantua Blargg & Nep-Enut Melty Molten Mountains Charges and burns Mario.
Giant Spider Harried Honey Hive A giant spider tormenting the bee citizens
Kurma Koopa Sky-High Islands A gigantic flying Koopa that Mario must cross to hit its nose
Dark Mario

(Shadow Mario)

Shadow Factory A shadowy clone of the hero!
Shadow mario
Viruses Colossal Circuits The viruses from Dr. Mario have infected the computer, each with their own special ability.
Rashay Rashay's Moon Cellar The final boss of the game; has three phases


Used in Song Sequence
Title Screen Original Music
File Select Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time - Peach's Castle
Game Intro Original Music
Star Select Super Mario Bros 2 - Character Select
Good Level Intro Original Music
Wildlife Valley Super Mario 3D World - Piranha Creeper Creek
Cave Theme Dark Cloud - Divine Beast Cave
Stonesnake Shatters Final Fantasy VII - Forested Temple
Snake Temple The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Spirit Temple
Boss Theme B The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask - Boss Theme
Sunset Islet Original Music - Jess
Crystal Caves (Brown Side) Yoshi's Island - Underground Theme
Crystal Caves (Blue Side) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Zora's Domain
Crystal Caves (Underwater Temple) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Water Temple
Abandoned Outspot Sonic Adventure 2 - Meteor Herd
Above the Clouds Original Music - slowfreq
Minigame House Mario Party 2 - Let the Game Begin
Happy Minigame Donkey Kong 64 - Bonus Barrel
Dangerous Minigame Mario Party - Full of Danger
Protect the Cake! Kirby Super Star - Mine Cart Riding
Goomba Bros. Paper Mario - Koopa Bros. Battle Theme
Bowser's Fiery Castle Super Mario 64 - Bowser's Road Remix
Bowser Fight Paper Mario - Bowser's Rage
The Villain Appears / HUB World 3 Super Mario Galaxy - Tension
Bob-omb Village Original Music
Bad Level Intro Original Music
Super Sweet Sugarland Crystal Shards - Neo Star
Factory Inspecion Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards - Factory Inspection
Rollercoaster Ride Kirby & The Amazing Mirror - Candy Costellation
Dusky Doomed Dale Original Music - DotStarMoney
Boo Dance Original Music - slowfreq
Boss Theme A Undertale - Megalovania
Prison Escape The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - Forsaken Fortress
Kamek's Theme Super Mario Galaxy - Kamella Battle
Melty Molten Mountains - Fire Side / Underground Depths Original Music - DotStarMoney
Melty Molten Mountains - Ice Side Original Music - DotStarMoney
Slider Theme Super Mario 64 - Slider Theme Remix
Harried Honey Hive Original Music - DotStarMoney
Boss Theme C The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Armoghoma
Sky-High Islands Original Music - Jesse
Flying on a Koopa Star Fox 64 - Boss 2
Giant Desk Original Music - DotStarMoney
Drybone Desert Paper Mario - Dry Dry Desert Trek
Secret Aquarium Super Mario Sunshine - Sky and Sea
Battle Against a Shadow Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door - Shadow Queen
Big Beast's Belly Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story - Deep Castle
Gamble Game Gallery Super Mario 3D World - Pieordie1 Remix
Casino's Sewer Super Mario Bros. - Underground Remix
Colossal Circuits Original Music - DotStarMoney
Virus Fight Dr. Mario - Fever
Livid Surreal Dream Original Music - DotStarMoney
Rainbow Road Mario Kart 64 - Rainbow Road
Luna Park Sonic the Hedgehog - Starlight Zone
Rashay's Moon Cellar Sonic Adventure - Tricky Maze
Rashay Phase 1 Original Music - lezg_g
Rashay Phase 2 (final battle) - Credits Original Music - DotStarMoney
Victory Fanfare Original Music - Jess64
Puzzle Solved Super Mario 64 - Correct Solution
Star Get Super Mario 64 - Star Clear
High Score Super Mario 64 - Star Catch Fanfare
Game Over Super Mario 64 - Game Over


  • On the Last Impact Discord, Kaze confirmed that this is the full body art of the Beast in which Big Beasts Belly takes place [2]

References Edit

  1. (scroll down to Thirteen 1355's comment, then view the replies.)
  2. (screenshot from the Last Impact Discord)

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