Rondo Town
Hack Super Mario New Star
Stars Required 0
Levels Star 1

Star 2

Number of Stars 2
Music Used Mario Party - Mario's Rainbow Castle
Stage or HUB Level is located in Cubic Island
Rondo Town is a small retreat used by the bob-omb buddies to avoid the Whomp King and his minions that took over Cubic Island. This also is where the Wing Cap Switch is located. To get here, Mario must go through a wall located in the water in Cubic Island. There are two stars here.

The town is a small floating island populated by many buildings. Most of the structures are small, round, brick buildings, with a singular larger one of these types as well. Besides the round buildings, there is a "normal like" teal building as well as some tall white pillars. All these buildings circle around the red switch. The sides contain lush grasses and some patches of flowers. Lastly, on the four sides of the island there are parts of bridges that imply (or is not shown) being connected to other similar islands (or at least Cubic Island). There are also a couple of friendly bob-omb buddies here commenting on how peaceful the abode is and how to get places with the Wing Cap.

Stars Edit

Top of the Giant Tower Edit


Mario must use the Wing Cap to reach a star located on top of the tallest tower. Upon entering the stage for the first time, head to the center of the level and press the Wing Cap Switch. Triple Jump with the Wing Cap to reach the lower part of the teal house, which has another Wing Cap box on it. Jump onto the roof (which is ONLY steep on the back), and fly to the white pillars located next to the tower with the star. Get high up these pillars and fly to the star (this roof isnt steep anywhere).

Gather the 8 Red Coins Edit


Mario must collect the 8 red coins scattered throughout he hideout. All of the 8 coins are located in the air either on the roofs of buildings, or above them in the air. There is also one in a tunnel in the giant tower where the other star is. The star spawns behind the teal house when all 8 are collected.