Quiz Switch Palace
Quiz Switch Palace
Hack Luigi and the Forest Ruins Rebooted
Stars Required 20
Levels Cap Switch Quiz
Number of Stars 1
Music Used Banjo-Tooie - Jiggywiggy's Temple
Stage or HUB Level is located in Underground Corridor
Quiz Switch Palace is a secret level which holds all three Cap Switches in Luigi and the Forest Ruins Rebooted. It is located in the Underground Corridor, at the end of the path to the Bob-omb buddy. The level is made of a series of multiple choice questions. There are 9 questions, and Luigi will reach a new Cap Switch every 3 questions. There are no checkpoints, so getting a question wrong means Luigi will have to redo all questions starting from the Wing Cap Quiz. After unlocking the Vanish Cap, Luigi is teleported to a gated off area with a Vanish Cap box, which allows him to get the star at the front of the palace.

Levels Edit

Cap Switch Quiz Edit

Correct answers are in italics.

Wing Cap Quiz Edit

Question 1: What game the music in the Palace Lobby comes from?

Left: Cave story

Right: Zelda Link Between Worlds

Question 2: How many bullies are in total in Mount Bullsy?

Left: 11

Middle: 3

Right: 9

Question 3: Is this game close to Ztar Attack

Left: No idea

Middle-left: Uh… Luigi 64?

Middle-right: Yes

Right: What is Ztar Attack?

Metal Cap Quiz Edit

Question 4: Which level made a comeback in Crash’s hack?

Left: Boonster’s Tower

Right: Pozo’s Tower

Which star is the most fastest in Super Mario 64?

Left: Get a Hand

Middle: In the Deep Freeze

Right: Blast Away the Wall

Which one of those Luigi is a meme?

Left: LUGI

Middle-left: Mama Luigi

Middle-right: WAAAAluigi

Right: Weegee

Vanish Cap Quiz Edit

Question 7: Is this camera okay?

Left: No, it’s bad

Right: Yes, it’s great

Question 8: This question is real!

Left: For real?

Middle: Fake question!

Right: Good answer!

Question 9: What will it become of Last Impact?

Left: A good game

Middle-left: A Star Road 2

Middle-right: A meme

Right: A Fares hack

After answering all the questions correctly and activating all the switches, Luigi appears in a room with a Vanish Cap box, which allows him to run around to the front of the palace and pass through the bars to grab the star.

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