SM64 Last Impact instructions and details for power-ups.


F.L.U.D.D. Edit


Stonesnake Shatters Press and hold L while in the air to hover for a short time, and clean up the mud on the temple in Stonesnake Shatters

Fire Flower

Sunset Islet

Abandoned Outpost

Melty Molten Mountains

Rashay's Moon Cellar

Press L to throw a fireball, this is used to defeat enemies, light torches, defeat the ice blargg in Melty Molten Mountains, and blow up barrels in Sunset Islet, and melt ice for a red coin in Melty Molten Mountains

Frog SuitEdit

Crystal Caves Allows you to swim much faster and breath underwater, and it is required to get the Underwater Race star in the Crystal Caves

Ice FlowerEdit

Melty Molten Mountains Allows you to walk across lava and dangerously cold terrain, and if you press L, you will shoot ice, this is used to freeze water in the fire and ice puzzle, and defeat the fire blargg

Spring MushroomEdit

Colossal Circuits When you grab the Spring Mushroom, you start jumping around, to jump really high, you must ground pound while holding A, the only real use for this is to get the star Spring Mario's Parkour in Colossal Circuits

Rainbow StarEdit

Rainbow Road When you grab it, you will begin to flash colors, this works like any Star Powerup in a Mario game, in that it temporarily makes you invincible, and you can defeat enemies by touching them, including ones you couldn't normally kill, the Star will then reappear for you to collect again

Flat MushroomEdit

Abandoned Village

Drybone Desert

It will make you paper thin, allowing you to get through rows of iron bars in the Dry Bones Desert, and one row in the Abandoned Village


Luna Park

Super Sweet Sugarland

When riding yoshi, pressing B will eat enemies, fruits, or candies, which will all give him more eggs to throw, they can be thrown by holding L until the angle is right, just like in Yoshi's Island, he is also required to get a star in Luna Park

Bee MushroomEdit

Harried Honey Hive The Bee Mushroom allows you to fly by jumping in any way and holding A, you can also preform a funny glitch by rapidly pressing A and Z, it is also required to get some of the stars in Harried Honey Hive

Cloud FlowerEdit

All three Above the Clouds areas The Cloud Flower allow you to pick up and use clouds, which are obtained from bubbles containing them, and are activated by pressing L, when activated, the cloud appears beneath you as a platform, and will disappear after a bit of time

Spider MushroomEdit

HarriedHoneyHive If you press L while jumping, you will create a string rope that you will immediately grab on to, this is required to get one of the stars in Harried Honey Hive