Peach's Christmas Invitation
Peach's Christmas Invitation Title Screen
Creator Kaze
Number of Stars 11
Created December 2013
Level Information
Number of Levels 1
Number of Secret Levels 4
Download Link

Peach's Christmas Invitation is a mini-hack made by Kaze, released for Christmas 2013. It only has one full level, with one side level and two stages which lead to a final boss. Though short, this hack contains lots of custom enemies, unique levels and interesting missions.

This hack also introduces Star Coins in addition to the regular stars. In order to achieve the full ending, which is a big party inside the castle, Mario must collect all 11 stars and all 9 Star Coins. Without the Star Coins only Peach shows up, telling Mario he needs to collect the rest of the Star Coins for the other guests to appear. This means that beating the final boss does not end the game, and is basically just a regular star.

Levels Edit

Name Stars Star Coins Stars Required Notes
Freezezy Peak 7 3 0
Speedkill Challenge 1 1 0
3-1 Path to Peach 1 2 8
Road to the final 1 3 8
??? 1 0 8 Final Boss Battle

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