Night of the Wing Cap
Night of the Wing Cap
Hack Luigi's Mansion 64
Stars Required 12
Levels Star 1
Number of Stars 1
Stage or HUB Level is located in Mansion Gardens

Night of the Wing Cap is a haunted castle tower in the sky that contains the Wing Cap's ! Switch.


The entrance is located in a small cage. Once Luigi has collected twelve Starlings, a group of Big Boos can be found in the Mansion Gardens. If Luigi kills a certain Big Boo, he is able to enter Night of the Wing Cap by going into a little cage.


Upon entering the level, Luigi will be granted with a Wing Cap which he can use to fly around with. Upon landing on the tower, Luigi will be able to press the Red ! Switch, which in turn will make all the Red ! Blocks solid. A Starling can also be found here. This is the only level that Luigi enters the stage flying with the Wing Cap. On the other levels, he must triple jump to take off.

Star: Midnight Flight for Red CoinsEdit

There is only one level in this area. Using the wings that he is granted upon entering the level, Luigi must fly around the area and collect the eight Red Coins floating in the air in the four compass directions. The Red Coins are found in groups of two. Due to the fact that Luigi slowly loses altitude while flying, he'll have to reenter the level and try again if he drops below the point the coins are at.


  • Fly Guy

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