Manic Valley
Manic Valley
Hack Star Revenge 7: Park of Time
Stars Required 0
Levels On the Columns

Find the Grill Switch

Mystic Stones of the Lake

Secret Over the Lone Blue

Cave of the Lake –SB-

Over the Railroad –WB-

Number of Stars 7
Music Used New Super Mario Bros. U - Overworld Theme
Level After Kedamba Swamp
Manic Valley is the first stage of Star Revenge 7: Park of Time, and is located along the I path, up the sandy slope. It is a grassland town, built in a valley next to a river and a waterfall. There is a forest on one end of the town, and a very tall railroad bridge which passes over the town.

Two of the stars in this stage require badges, which are unlocked in later levels.

Levels Edit

Manic Valley Star 1

The climb to the first star

Star 1: On the Columns Edit

This star is on top a column on the edge of the town. Take the path to the left, over the bridge. There are a bunch of hexagonal platforms on top of poles, and the star is on the top platform.

Manic Valley Star 2

The flower patch hides a secret

Star 2: Find the Grill Switch Edit

Mario must find the hidden "!" switch to open the barred off star. Follow the path to the left, over the bridge and up the hill. The "!" switch is hidden in a flower patch, right before the big gated tunnel. Hit the switch to open the bars in front of the star, further along the same path.

Manic Valley Star 3

Two of the mystic stones

Star 3: Mystic Stones of the Lake Edit

For this star Mario must touch the five grey pyramid stones on the bottom of the lake. After touching all five the star appears underwater.
Manic Valley Star 4

What's that blue coin doing all the way over there?

Star 4: Secret Over the Lone Blue Edit

If Mario activates the Blue Coin Switch in the forest, six blue coins appear fairly close to the switch, but there is also a single blue coin which appears in the middle of the trees. Double jump on the coin's location to break an invisible box which contains the star.

Manic Valley Star 5

Behind the waterfall

Star 5: Cave of the Lake –SB- Edit

Super Stomp Badge required! There is a hidden cave behind the waterfall which contains a grey block. Ground pound the block to break it and reveal the star.

Manic Valley Star 6

The star at the end of the railroad

Star 6: Over the Railroad –WB- Edit

Wall Jump Badge required! This star is at the end of the railroad above the town. Mario can use a wallkick to get a platform near the gated tunnel by the "!" switch from Star 2. After getting onto the platform, go along the railroad, dodging the Star Enemy Fly Guys to reach the star.

Enemies Edit

  • Big Goomba
  • Bob-omb
  • Chuckya
  • Flyguy
  • Goomba
  • Kuromame

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