Luigi and the Forest Ruins 64
Creator TheGael95
Number of Stars 50
Created 2014
Level Information
Number of Levels 8
Number of Secret Levels 6
Download Link

Luigi and the Forest Ruins 64 is a ROM hack made by TheGael95. A remake, Luigi and the Forest Ruins Rebooted was released in 2016.


Name Replaced Stars Stars Required
Skyover Islands Bob-omb Battlefield 6 0
Cheep Lake Whomp's Fortress 6 0
Mountain Chaos Jolly Roger Bay 6 1
Flower Fields Cool, Cool Mountain 6 6
Desert Grounds Big Boo's Haunt 6 15
Forest Canyon Hazy Maze Cave 6 22
White Plains Lethal Lava Land 6 TBA
Chuckya Factory Shifting Sand Land 6 TBA

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