Lonely Holidays 64
Lonely Holidays Title Screen
Creator Kaze Emanuar
Number of Stars 7
Created August 2013
Level Information
Number of Levels 1
Number of Secret Levels 1
Download Link

Lonely Holidays 64 is a mini-hack made by Kaze Emanuar. It features one level with 6 stars, as well as a final boss. This hack pays tribute to Super Mario Sunshine, recreating several secret levels from the game. The main obstacles in the level are shifting cubes and rotating platforms, and they are much more difficult to cross without the F.L.U.D.D.

The game has an Easy Mode, which can be accessed by pressing right on the D-pad on the file select screen. In this mode, the player is able to set one savestate per level entry by pressing the L button. Hard Mode, which is the default option and can be switched to by pressing left on the D-pad on the file select screen, removes the savestate feature.

IMPORTANT: Before starting the game, in Project 64 2.0, go to Options -> Settings -> Config: LONELY HOLIDAYS, select 8 MB on the Memory size dropdown menu, then click the + button next to CONFIG: LONELY HOLIDAYS, go to Recompiler, and check the "Protect memory" box under Self mod methods. Without this, many of the objects will not behave properly, making some stars more difficult or even impossible.

Levels Edit

Name Stars Stars Required Notes
Moving Madness 6 0
Whomp's Arena 1 6 Final boss stage, entered by pressing C-Up and looking up into the beam of light.

Music Edit

Used in Song
File Select Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow - Lavender Town
Overworld / Moving Madness Super Mario Sunshine - Sky & Sea
Moving Madness Super Mario Sunshine - Secret Course
Moving Madness Mario Kart 64 - Rainbow Road
Moving Madness / Whomp's Arena Rob Dougan - Clubbed to Death