The King Boo's Secret Slide
King Boo's Secret Slide
Hack Luigi's Mansion 64
Stars Required 15
Levels Star 1
Number of Stars 1
Music Used Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door- Macho Grubba Battle
Stage or HUB Level is located in King Boo's Spare Room

The King Boo's Secret Slide is one of three secret levels in Luigi's Mansion 64, where Luigi must simply ride a winding slide to the bottom, where one Starling can be found.

The entrance to the slide is on the first floor, atop the central staircase, and requires fifteen Starlings to enter. In the room behind the door are three identical stained glass windows with images of King Boo on them. If Luigi falls off, he will not lose a life, but will be sent back to the mansion lobby. Like other secret levels, the player can lose a life by taking damage until it reaches zero. In this case, the only way to take damage is to jump from the first part of the slide to the second part of the slide, resulting in damage due to falling from heights. This is the only secret course that has no Red Coins mission.


Star: Shell Shredding down the SlideEdit

The Starling will only appear if the player reaches the bottom of the slide in under 21 seconds.

Vanish Cap SwitchEdit

The Vanish Cap switch (retitled Ghost Cap) is located here. There's an Exclamation Block which adds extra blocks to get to the top of where the Starling is, which is where the Ghost Cap switch is.


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