Kaze's Warmup
Creator Kaze
Number of Stars 14
Created September 2014
Level Information
Number of Levels 2
Number of Secret Levels 0
Download Link

Kaze's Warmup is a minihack made by Kaze. There are only two levels in this hack - a haunted house and a sprawling naval base - both with 7 stars. Kaze made this hack after taking a break from coding, so the name refers to Kaze warming himself up for making major hacks, such as Last Impact. Though short, this hack contains several interesting and unique missions, as well as custom enemies and objects.

The game contains no title screen, final boss fight or ending, and the overworld hub simply has a house with "Mario" written over the door on some clouds, with two nearby pipes leading to the levels.

Levels Edit

Name Stars Stars Required Notes
Mad Monster Mansion 7 0
Metal Harbor 7 0

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