Gritto Desert
Gritto Desert
Hack Luigi and the Forest Ruins Rebooted
Stars Required 1
Levels Get to the Red Palm Tree

Pyramid Raider

The Sand is Your Friend

Glide in the Windy Cavern

Fly to the Ring

Source of the Oasis

Number of Stars 6
Music Used Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam - Doop Doop Dunes
Level Before Boo Lake Castle
Level After Frostfire Caverns
Gritto Desert is the third stage of Luigi and the Forest Ruins Rebooted, and is located in a painting through the 1-star door in the lobby. It is a desert level, with quicksand pits, an oasis, a canyon on one side of the level and a pyramid which can be entered at the end of the main path.

Levels Edit

Gritto Desert Star 1

The star under the red palm tree

Star 1: Get to the Red Palm Tree Edit

Head across the water to the other side. Cross the bridge with the Kuromame and follow the path up the mountain. Long jump across the broken bridge and go up the sandy path on the right. Avoid the last Kuromame and the star is at the end of the path, under the red tree.

Gritto Desert Star 2

Collecting treasure from the dangerous pyramid

Star 2: Pyramid Raider Edit

Follow the Star 1 path, and go into the pyramid right after the broken bridge. Luigi must collect 5 secret coins on the pillars above the quicksand. There are 4 coins at each corner of the pyramid, and one on the highest pillar in the back. After collecting all 5 coins, the star appears on the starting platform.

Gritto Desert Star 3

The darker sand is safe to walk on, but very difficult to see.

Star 3: The Sand is Your Friend Edit

Go across the water, and the bridge with the Kuromame. Follow the path around the quicksand to the sign, which tells Luigi “If you have good eyes, you know exactly what you have to do…” Against the wall in the quicksand is a band of very slightly darker sand, which is safe to walk on. Go around the quicksand, following the path as it snakes around the pillars and under the Grindels. Shifting the camera around can help make the edges more visible.

Gritto Desert Star 4

Spinning through the canyon.

Star 4: Glide in the Windy Cavern Edit

Head across the water, and follow the path to the right. Go across the waterfall and down past the Goombas and Bob-ombs to reach an area with a tornado coming out of a small crater. Spin down through the chasm, snaking left and right. It may be helpful to use Lakitu cam.

Star 5: Fly to the Ring Edit

Gritto Desert Star 5

Flying from the pyramid back through the tunnel

Wing Cap Required! Grab the Wing Cap from the quicksand near the Star 3 path and head to the pyramid. There is a cannon on top of the pyramid, use it to shoot to the tunnel above the entrance passage. Fly through the tunnel and grab the star at the center of the ring. 

Star 6: Source of the Oasis Edit

Gritto Desert Star 6

Wallkicking up the waterfall

A sign near the quicksand gives a clue about a secret hidden behind the waterfall. Use wallkicks on the flat sides of the waterfall to climb up. The star is hidden behind a fake wall at the top.

Enemies Edit

  • Amp
  • Bob-omb
  • Flyguy
  • Goomba
  • Grindel
  • Pokey

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