Goomba's Easter Egg Hunt
Creator Kaze
Number of Stars 20
Created April 2015
Level Information
Number of Levels 0
Number of Secret Levels 6
Download Link

Goomba's Easter Egg Hunt is the second in Kaze's line of Easter themed hacks. In this game you play as an actual Goomba, in order to fulfill his quest to hunt eggs hidden around few areas. Unlike in Thwomp's Easter Egg Hunt there are no star descriptions in this mini-hack, and it employs a non-stop system, which means Goomba does not get kicked out of a level after getting a Easter Egg.

Description Edit

According to the video in which the hack was officially released, Goomba's Easter Egg Hunt contains:

  • 0 new Stars
  • 20 colorful Easter Eggs instead of Stars!
  • 6 New Levels to explore

Changes Edit


Other major changes are relative to texture changes. Including:

  • Stars changed to Eggs again

Levels Edit

Note: There are no Star Requirements in this hack.

Name Stars Notes
HUB area 1 Starting Area. The inside of the castle contains the three Glover levels, while the rest are entered via pipes around the castle.
Oldschool Plains 5
Glover (Out of this World) 3
Glover (Prehistoric) 3
Glover (Out of this World 2) 4
Easteregg Canyon 3
Kirby Toys 1

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