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The glossary contains information of words and phrases frequently used in the Super Mario 64 hacking community.

Glossary List
BLJ Backwards Long Jump- a glitchy version of a long jump which propells Mario backwards at high speeds when performed against a sloped surface.
emulator A program used to "emulate" or play video games on a computer or other piece of technology.
emu Abbreviation of "emulator".
free (achievement) Heavily used by the rom hack community to describe achievements very easy compared to others. Ex. "This star is so easy, the star is free."
hack In these terms, abbreviation of rom hack, referring specific Mario 64 modded game. Ex. Super Mario Star Road is a hack of Mario 64
IL Strats Strategies that derive from a TAS (see bellow). Usually refers to ones that are very difficult if not impossible to perform normally.
Kaizo A term that means extremely difficult. Comes from the Super Mario World hack "Kaizo Mario World". Often used to describe the rom hack Kaizo Mario 64.
LJ Long Jump (also refered to as crouch jump. Mario's longest type of jump in which he performs by running, then pressing Z + A.
NoD Abbreviation of the rom hack "Star Revenge 2: Night Of Doom", which is known as the hardest full rom hack to date.
No Quicksand Playing a Super Mario 64 game with a cheat code implemented which allows you to walk like normal on quicksand-type ground.

The code is:

81255490 1000 8125572C 1000 8125572E 0031

Origami64 A forum for discussing and developing rom hacking tools and hacks. Mainly Super Mario 64, Super Mario 64 DS and Paper Mario.

patch A file containing the changes to be made to a rom file in order to make the original game into a hack. Usually ".ppf" for Nintendo 64 games. Combining this and the original game in an application made for this, will output the hack of choice.
patched An original rom file that has been combined with a patch.
PJ64 Abbreviation of "Project 64", a popular emulator to play Super Mario 64 hacks with.
pre-patched A rom that has either been already patched with its game, or has never been made into a patch at all. These files do not have to be patched by the downloader and can be played on an emulator immediately.
RoD Abbreviation of the hack Star Revenge 2.5: Remnant of Doom
rom A file containing the information from a game cartrige, for example Super Mario 64. May be played using an emulator. Also used to describe patched or pre-patched hacks.
rom hack

An original game rom edited to contain custom levels, text, tiles or other changes to a rom.

rom hacking The act of editing a rom file to create something new or different within it. After editing, the rom is called a rom hack or just hack. A website containing rom hacks, resources, a forum and more for all rom hacking enthusiasts. [1]
sm64 Abbreviation of Super Mario 64.
sm64hacks Abbreviation of Super Mario 64 hacks, also used to describe the website A website listing Super Mario 64 hacks and information, with available downloads.
sm74 Abbreviation of the rom hack "Super Mario 74".
sm74EE Abbreviation of the rom hack "Super Mario 74 Extreme Edition".
smwcentral A website mostly containing hacks of Super Mario World for Super Nintendo, but also contains quite a lot of Super Mario 64 hacks.
SR Abbreviation of "Super Mario Star Road", one of the most revered rom hacks or "Star Revenge" the second one is a series of Mario 64 hacks created by BroDute.
SS Abbreviation of "Shining Stars", a series of Super Mario 64 hacks created by Pieordie1.

Abbreviation of the rom hack "Super Mario 64: Twisted Adventures". This can refer to both the original or its sequal.

TAS Tool Assisted Speedrun- An optimal computer made speedrun in which every frame can be controlled.

Abbreviation of the rom hack "Twisted Adventures: Intense Challenge", known as the hardest Super Mario 64 mini hack.

TJ Triple Jump- The highest jump Mario can perform by pressing the "A" button 3 times when Mario hits the ground.
TT64 Toad's Tool 64, a program used to edit objects, textures, text and more in Super Mario 64.
WotDF Abbreviation of the rom hack Star Revenge 6.5: Wrath of the Dimensional Flower.