Folly Bay Town
Hack Super Mario 64: Star Revenge
Stars Required 9 (SR) 0 (Remake)
Levels Star 1

Star 2

Star 3

Star 4 Original

Star 5 Original / Star 4 Redone

Star 6 Original / Star 5 Redone

Star 6 Redone

Number of Stars 7
Music Used Kirby's Adventure - Orange Ocean
Level Before Mushroom Cliffs
Level After Snow Mountain Resort
Stage or HUB Level is located in Overworld 1
Folly Bay Town is the third main course in Super Mario 64: Star Revenge and its remake. To get here in the original, go into the 9 star door to the right of the starting path. In the Remake, head to the coast line to the right side of the overworld. This quaint town is located on a hilly beach and is made up of a bunch of white brick building with very steep red roofs. The town is surrounded by hill grassy terrain and a vast ocean which extends through the entire level, with only a small islands in the middle of it. The town is also deceptively big, with two main areas connected by a warp pipe.

This level also has the most radical changes between the versions so far, both aesthetically and for the stars. For starters the entire level is mirrored between the two versions. The enemies are drastically different between the versions. Most of the path were altered a lot. One of the stars were completely changed in the redone. In addition, this level is the first to introduce the Starenemies, in this stage the Chuckya and Fly Guy variants.

Levels Edit

Star 1: Rooftop Jumping Fun (SR1) / Rooftop Run (Redone) Edit


The boxes in Redone

Mario must scale the rooftops of the town. To reach the rooftop Mario must head to the top of a grassy hill in the far corner of the town. This hill contains a lone building and is on the edge opposite of the path to the pipe. The only way to get here is to weave in between the many buildings. From the top of this hill, spot the ledge on the roof of the building that Mario can grab and head up the path until you reach the Purple "!" Switch.

The blocks that spawn are different for each version. In the Redone version, it spawns a small staircase directly in front of it to get to the next building. In the Original, it is much more difficult. It not only spawns only two floating blocks to reach the next house, but also spawns a bridge at the other side in order to reach one of the other structures. The time is very strict and, along with the steep roofs, makes it hard to cross the bridge. Between both versions, the path besides the box is very similar. At the end of the path is a windowed slope which has the star on top. Mario can just triple jump to reach the top.

Star 2: Mario the Cliffhanger (SR1) / Along the Cliff (Redone) Edit


The cliff-side path in the original

Mario must scale a cliff to get a star on a building in sea. Head away from the town and down the slope that leads to the Warp Pipe. Don't enter the pipe and instead climb the slope next to it which leads to a huge patch of flowers with Starenemy Chuckyas in them. When at the top, jump to the notches on the cliff face to reach a slide which leads to the star. The slope is quite obnoxious as if u hit the of the building behind it, you will slide off into the water bellow.

Star 3: The Far, Far Away House (SR1) / The Lone House (Redone) Edit





Mario must cross a bridge of broken up rocks. Enter the Warp Pipe to be transported to the side of the island. Running up the hill will lead to a bunch of jagged rocks that Mario must cross to reach the star. The path in each game are very different. The rocks in the original are weirdly shaped and jagged while the redone version has them looking like platforms. At the end is the star as well as a Starenemy Fly Guy who tries its hardest to mimic the star.

Star 4: A Job for a Plumber (SR1) Edit


In the hole.

Mario must enter a secret tunnel to find this star. There are many breakable blocks scattered around the town in the ground. If Mario breaks the one that is in the farthest corner away from the pipe, overlooking the water, he can discover a small passage that leads in the building next to it with the star. Note that this is only in the original. In the Remake a metal block was put so Mario can not enter the passage, even if there is no star there anyways.

Star 5: Orange Coins in Town (SR1) / Star 4: The Flowers' Hidden Coins (Redone) Edit


Holding a Starenemy in front of the sandy island.

Mario must collect the 8 orange/green coins scattered throughout the village. If collecting the 100 coin star DO NOT spawn the star in the area that the pipe leads to! This will cause the game to crash. The locations are as follows:

  1. Up the stone path next to the starting area, in a breakable box
  2. In a flower patch directly bellow the starting area.
  3. In the giant flower patch before the Cliff path (Star 2)
  4. After entering the warp pipe, in a breakable box off the platform
  5. Behind the arrow sign leading to the Lone House (Star 3)
  6. Near the end of the broken path (SR1) On top of a ledge of a small house near the star (Redone)
  7. In a breakable box in the town
  8. On a sandy island

When Mario collects are 8, the star appears above where he starts the level.

Star 6: Into the Closed Maze (SR1) / Star 5: Treasure of the Ocean Cave (Redone) Edit


Glitched overview of maze.

Mario must navigate an underwater maze for this star.The entrance to the maze is on the side of town underwater. In the Original it is noted by a closed sign which can be swam through while in the Redone it is made up of broken metal bars. The maze is quite difficult to navigate, as it goes in all four directions, though it is actually quite small.

Star 6: Far Far Out in the Sea (Redone) Edit


This star is located off the coast of the town. There are two ways Mario can reach this star. One is to swim to the box, which can be done be swimming against the rock the opposite direction of pipe. The second way is by warp, which is located in the one of the square flower patches against of the buildings. In the Remake there is nothing here at all.

Enemies Edit

  • Goomba
  • Bob-omb
  • Chuckya (and Starenemy version)
  • Fly Guy (and Starenemy version)
  • Koopa Troopa (Redone Only)
  • Chain Chomp (Redone Only)
  • Kuromame (Redone Only)

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