The Firsty dive is a glitch usually seen in hacks that have disabled the wallkick through the ROM files codes. an example of this could be Star Revenge 7: Park of Time. The glitch allows the player to wallkick, even if one weren't intentionally allowed to.

To do the glitch one has to jump into a wall or in any other way be able to wallkick, however when wallkicking one must press A and B in the same frame, this will not only do a jumpdive of the wall, but also preventing from not being able to wallkick. This can be exploited to reach that were unreachable without a wallkick or collect stars that weren't collectable without a wallkick. This glitch is already being used in speedruns. Note that when you do a firsty dive you aren't able to wallkick another time as Mario is in a diving state, so walllkick climbing isn't available with this glitch.

The Firsty dive glitch can currently only be done in these hacks:

Trivia Edit

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