Dimension Void
Dimension Void LM64.5
Hack Luigi's Mansion 64.5
Stars Required 100
Boss(es) Negative Bowser
Levels Star 1
Number of Stars 1
Music Used Donkey Kong Country - Fear Factory (Easy Mode) Castlevania 2 - Dracula's Castle (Super Player Mode)
Stage or HUB Level is located in Castle Interior

Dimension Void is the final Negative Bowser level in Luigi's Mansion 64.5, in which Luigi would travel through platforms in the sky until he reached a true Warp Pipe leading to a fight against Negative Bowser to save Princess Peach and the Toads in Princess Peach's Castle.


Dimension Void is the one of the hardest levels in the game, and Luigi will need 100 Starlings to reach the top of the stairs. However, a glitch that can be used to get up the stairs without enough Starlings. To do it, Luigi must Long Jump backwards, very quickly. This glitch is considered rather hard to do. The stage has several false Warp Pipes, if Luigi enters in a false Warp Pipe, he will go back to the beginning of the level. Once Negative Bowser is defeated he'll give a starling but when Luigi gets it he flies and comes to the castle grounds where the Toads and Peach are waiting for him. Luigi releases Peach from the glass and offers him a cake and the player can see the credits. It ends with the characters waving, as Latiku Bros. flies out. and Luigi says "Thank You So Much For Playing My Game" and the game ends. The player has to restart the game. Yoshi will be on the roof giving Luigi 100 lives and a sparkling triple jump, preventing from damage

Star: Red Coins Through the VoidEdit

  • Collect all eight red coins to make the starling appear.



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