Cut Out Content
Hack SM64 Last Impact
Stars Required 45
Levels Escape!
Number of Stars 1 (doesn't raise the star counter)
Music Used DotStarMoney - Original Music

The Cut Out Content is a secret level in SM64 Last Impact.

This level was originally meant to not be included in the final game as Kaze stated in the description of his showcase video for being unfair, uncreative and frustrating (video is shown below). After several comments under the video Kaze agreed to include the level as a secret "bonus" level.

Levels Edit

Escape! Edit

After entering the level trough the invisible pipe behind the Gamble Game Gallery, you'll find yourself in a crater filled with lava. When walking up the slope, a cutscene will be triggered and the lava starts to rise. You have to follow a straight path upwards but be careful! Once you arrived at the very top of the level, you will see a long path leading to the star. The lava level will rise and sink down in certain time intervalls. Use this time to get forward but be ready to jump on some boxes, otherwise you'll get burnt in the lava.

SM64- Last Impact - Cut out content

SM64- Last Impact - Cut out content

Trivia Edit

  • The music in this level is also used in Melty Molten Mountains.
  • The pipe shown in this video is no longer visible in the final game. It is located behind Gamble Game Gallery and it is invisible.
  • Once you grab the star, you will be teleported outside but note that this star won't raise the star counter. The star maximum is 130 stars.