Bowser's Castle Outside
Bowser's Castle Outside
Creator VenusFeuerFalle
Number of Stars 7
Created April 2016
Level Information
Number of Levels 1
Number of Secret Levels 0
Download Link

Bowser's Castle Outside is a mini-hack made by VenusFeuerFalle. It contains one level with seven stars.

The level takes the place of Dire Dire Docks in the castle. To get to it, enter the metal door next to the start and then head through where the star door should be. The 8 red coin star replaces the 100-coin star in this level and it can only be collected during Star 4, because three of the red coins require the elevator that appears during that star.

Levels Edit

Name Stars Note
Castle (Outside) 7 The red coin star replaces the 100-coin star.

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