• Benwellzs28

    Hey guys. TheCrazinessCat here with a blog. Just wanted to know how everyone in this wikia is doing, as it's been almost a month since I contributed here. This is because of personal issues, as well as losing interest in SM64 hacks and losing interest in editing on Wikia recently. Plus, when I played SM64 hacks, I had an Xbox controller to make the controls better. Unfortunately, the controller broke a month or two ago. You may ask "Why not just use the keyboard?". Well the keyboard is a bit fiddly for a game like SM64, plus running around in circles fluently is difficult, which is a problem when I decide to do a 100-coin run in a course in my SM64 Hard Mode hack, where I have to go around in circles to get coins from enemies like the Mr. …

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  • Grindbxp

    Dodo once commented on how much better screenshots look from Green Stars v2.1 instead of v1.3, because of how the HUD is hidden. This may be common knowledge to some people, but it is possible to hide the HUD (lives, coins, stars and camera) in most hacks using the following code (wikia formatting adds spaces between lines but the code should still work if copy and pasted):

    812E3DB0 0000

    812E3DB2 0000

    812E3DE0 0000

    812E3DE2 0000

    812E3E18 0000

    812E3E1A 0000

    812E3DC8 0000

    812E3DCA 0000

    It is also possible to hide the power meter (health bar), which is particularly helpful for taking underwater screenshots, using the following code (note this code does not work for Last Impact, presumably because the power meter is stored differently):

    803325F4 0001

    I p…

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  • DodoOfDoom

    From when I got here, the Wikia has improved tenfold, coming from a small 10 pages to what it is now today. I made this home page back when it was still new, so I feel like a more professional, organized one is needed. I would like input from anyone reading this blog to share advice on how to make it look better, what we should add, and how to improve navigation. My ideas are as follows:

    • Add buttons for navigation for things like hack, levels, enemeis (soon to be), bosses (soon to be), hackers (soon to be), techniques (soon to be), ect, in a small box on the top of the page.
    • Just like it is now, have a featured hack slideshow every week as well as a new hack one.
    • The polls will definetly help, but the size of them does need to be reduced
    • Have …
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  • Splatterboy


    M steps are may steps that makes it more easy for you.

    1. Get all those things:

    • Extended ROM (pre-extended) (ER)
    • Toads Tool 64 (TT64)
    • Project 64 (P64)

    2. Extract EVERYTHING from the TT64 .zip file (select everything, right-click and choose extract)

    M1. Make a map on your dekstop called TT64 and put all you extracted in there.

    M2. Make a shortcut of TT64.exe and put it on your dekstop.

    3. Open TT64 and click on the logo.

    M3. Give the extracted ROM a name (KEEP THE .z64 AT THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

    4. Click on Open ROM and choose the extended ROM.

    5. Use TT64 and create your hack.

    Step 6 is only if you did not install P64 yet!

    6. Install P64.

    M4. Create a shortcut of P64.exe and put it on your dekstop.

    7. Click on Options …

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  • Splatterboy

    i am back and are getting ready to edit bit by bit

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  • Benwellzs28


    April 30, 2016 by Benwellzs28

    I keep opening my SM64 Hard Mode ROM file on Toad's Tool 64, it loads up and then it gets give me this notification. This happened with another ROM file so I had to remake it all over again. What should I do? Is there any way to fix it so I don't have to remake the entire hack again or give up making it altogether? I was editing Cool, Cool Mountain by the way.

    EDIT: I downloaded Toad's Tool 64 Version 0.6.2S and now I can open the hard mode rom hack again. :D

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  • Benwellzs28

    Do you think it's better if I make a page for both my hard mode of Super Mario 64 and the planned Super Mario 64: Mystery Chronicles hack instead of just having it in my user page? Feel free to give out your opinions.

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  • DodoOfDoom

    The location pages are a way for players, or just curious people in general to look at a variety of different places created in Mario hacks. It is also used as a guide to beat those levels are get hints and tips about how to get to the objectives and other important locations in each area. Locations include all major levels, secret stars, cap palaces, and even overworlds. There are various sections to each page including the area description, the main objective guides, the minor objective guides, and trivia. Not all pages will have all of these, but most will. In addition, one will need to familiarize themselves with the Category: Infobox Location and which categories to use to make a page earier to find and navigate. The layout is influen…

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  • Splatterboy

    THIS IS FOR DS ROMS AND PATCHES!!! This is an guide on how to patch an .xdelta file.

    1. Get the hack you want.

    2. Get the ROM you need to patch the hack.

    3. Download XdeltaUI.exe (somethimes included with the hack).

    4. Extract the ROM.

    5. Extract the Patch (somethimes already done when downloading)

    6. Extract Xdelta.exe .

    7. Open XdeltaUI.exe .

    8. Click on Apply Patch.

    9. Click by patch on open and choose the Extracted Patch.

    10. Click by source file on open and choose the Extracted ROM

    11. Click by output file on ... and choose a name for the patched ROM (it must always end on .nds).

    12. Open your Emulator (i prefer this one) and choose the patched ROM.

    13. Enjoy it!

    Leave a comment if you have any further questions about patching a .xdelta file!

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  • Splatterboy

    Bowser's Flood

    October 31, 2015 by Splatterboy

    first i show you the link to an emulator that works with it:

    now for the pre patched rom:

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