Abandoned Village
Abandoned Village
Hack SM64 Last Impact
Stars Required 20
Number of Stars 0
Music Used Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time - Holli Jolli Village
The Abandoned Village is the second overworld of SM64 Last Impact and contains the levels 6 - 10, 5 secret levels and the cannon that leads to the Shadow Factory. It is, as the name says, an abandoned village between mountains.


Secret Level 1: Gloomy Ambience - Giant Desk AdventureEdit

First break the sealed entrance on the side of a house to enter a hidden cellar with various Nintendo things. If you come closer to the desk, you'll enter the first Gloomy Ambience level.

Secret Level 2: Gloomy Ambience - Ghost HouseEdit

To get to this secret level, just touch the mysterious black orb that is located on a house on the cliffs at the end of the village. The guide for this section is also located under the Gloomy Ambience link.  

Secret Level 3: Drybone Desert Edit

In order to get to the Drybone Desert, Mario can use the Flat Mushroom hidden behind a boulder to get through the barred-off pipe. There are two secret levels accessible through this stage - the Secret Aquarium and one of the Above the Clouds levels.